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a cinematic festival that features films (usually films produced during the past year)

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The filmhas had a busyfestival schedule after premiering at the Montreal World Film Festival in August last year.
The Film Festival Poster Awards is an online database of designers' ideas and promotional materials about film events from around the world, which has been presenting awards for artistic achievements for eight years now.
The DFI and Sarajevo Film Festival will partner on a number of new initiatives at their respective festivals to increase and strengthen connections between Arab and European cinema, said a statement.
The film will join the 22nd Premiers Plans Angers Film Festival in France before heading for Rotterdam.
12-20 Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
film festival that, in its voracious way (at its mid-1970s peak, it was the world's largest film festival), brought all the possibilities of international and independent cinema to the movie business' nerve center for the first time.
Bob Odenkirk parodied film festivals in The Frank International Film Festival where an ordinary Joe named Frank holds his own festival in his living room.
Sesame Workshop's lawyers lowered the boom, and Spears pulled it from the Cleveland Film Festival, with the understanding that the movie would have one final public outing at Outfest, the Los Angeles gay and lesbian film festival, in July.
They were so impressed, Hudlin insisted Cherot debut his film at the Acapulco Black Film Festival.
Since the film's premiere at the NASDAQ in April 2011, the film has won 7 international film festival awards in addition to having made it to 32 international film festivals across the world.
Action on Film Festival July 25-31, Pasadena, Calif.
Back in 1992, when actor-director Craig Chester appeared in a little independent film called ``Swoon,'' he remembers it being screened at what he considered to be a quaint little film festival for gay and lesbian films.
Weeks before it had even launched, this year's New Film Festival (the event has suffered so many name changes over time I've settled on referring to it in the simplest way possible) found itself shrouded in controversy.
A fledgling film festival in Portugal wins enthusiastic gay and lesbian audiences and support from city hall
Pink Sheets:GDKI), is excited to announce that its recent acquisition, Habana Blues, which was nominated for four Goya awards, the equivalent of the Oscars in Spain, has been requested by numerous film festivals across the nation and will be featured at the exclusive Latin American Film Festival in Champaign, Illinois, February 23rd to March 1st.