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(chemistry) a colloid in which both phases are liquids

a light-sensitive coating on paper or film

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Scottish-born Canadian animator Norman McLaren revolutionized cinema when he began to scratch images directly onto the surface of film emulsion.
These areas represent temperatures as high as 2 million to 3 million kelvins, their sharpness limited only by the clumping of the grains in the film emulsion.
By analyzing and reducing the grain caused by the film emulsion, Digital GEM automatically enhances the clarity of a scanned image while preserving its colors, gradations and sharpness.
Thus the shots, which stayed up close throughout, reveal not the grain of film emulsion but a halftone screen, evoking Richard Prince's rephotography or Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin's static shots of newspapers, magazines, and publicity stills in Letter to Jane (1972).
Robert's color-saturated and light-infused mixed media artwork involves the painterly manipulation -- with handmade carving tools -- of still fluid photographic film emulsion.
TURA AG is a 100-year-old German manufacturer and supplier of photographic paper and film emulsion products to the same market, in addition to wide-format inkjet printing consumables.