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a company that makes, advertises, and distributes movies

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Being a film company born and based in Brooklyn,668 Productions feels a strong responsibility to help cultivate an honest dialogue about modern day discrimination, ignorance, fundamental inequalities and the all too common refusal to see one's own prejudices.
These projects will help make production of films and television series commercially profitable for Kazakhstan," said the film company.
Mystery surrounded the application with even the name of the film company being kept under wraps.
00 pm on 20 October 2010, Roptonal had received valid acceptances of the Offer in respect of 41,678,441 Indian Film Company Shares representing, in total, approximately 75.
The film company from London have chosen Huddersfield as the location.
Speaking in the House of Commons on Monday, Tory MP Penny Mordaunt said: "When I was director of Kensington and Chelsea Council, I discovered that one of our local hospitals was hiring out one of its closed - but fully-equipped wards - to a film company to use as a film set.
The film company is one of a number joining forces with web firms to boost sales and fight piracy at the same time as building a younger audience.
What was once ``everyone's favorite frame shop'' is now transforming into a feature film company that will bring back the excitement of ``Old Hollywood'' with a brilliant portfolio of feature films in the years to come.
One announced objective of the film company is to employ and train black, minority and marginalized individuals for crews and casts.
But the fact that the new indie film company from T.
The recently retired pit ponies had been loaned to the film company from the National Coal Board's pony centre in County Durham but the animals would not perform for the cast and filming ground to a halt.
Merseyside-based film company AstraVision has approached the former Slade frontman to star in a feature-length pounds 1.
The paper quoted the film company sources as saying, ''We've tried very hard not to portray the Japanese in a very bad light.
A man suspected of being an active triad member has been arrested for allegedly blackmailing a film company that is shooting international kung-fu star Jackie Chan's new movie ''Rush Hour 2'' in Hong Kong, local police and newspapers said Wednesday.
She moved on to another internship at Good Machine, a production/postproduction film company based in New York, where she learned the differences between television and feature film editing.