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a strip of motion picture film used in a telecast

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Step 1: Before viewing the film clip, discuss the setting and context of the clip to activate background knowledge.
The experimental phase continues with the computer selecting a second set (but not the same as was recently used) and then presenting one film clip from this set seven times to the sender while recording the mentation into a new file.
This film clip only features Dylan's virtual head but in the future we would like to make a film which also includes his virtual body.
This paper shows how instructors can use film clips and simple narrative theory to elicit the postmodern portrayal of fantasy and conflicted masculinity in "Men Under Water.
Raines envisions dramatic neon signage leading patrons to an indoor two-story Las Vegas strip where they will see showgirls, comedians, impersonators and jumbo film clips.
The Drew Carey film clip is available on Kanakaris' WWW.
PHILADELPHIA -- Library Video Company, today announced the distribution of a comprehensive film clip library and record of the 20th century, owned by Sunrise Media, LLC -- The Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century(C) -- on SAFARI Montage.
The town includes a church, a candy shop, a gingerbread house and even a drive-in theater, where plywood cutouts of cars are parked in front of a continuously playing ``Frosty the Snowman'' film clip.
There was a standing ovation from many members of Congress in response to the film clip they saw.
Both are on display in the original Village of Boys Town in Nebraska, along with a film clip of Tracy standing with Bette Davis and dedicating his performance to Father Flanagan.
The patronage of the Princess reminds us that ballet survived primarily on royal support for hundreds of years--that was certainly true of Diaghilev, who, said Jean Cocteau in a film clip, "never had a sou" but "knew the rich ladies.
Front Porch unleashed viruses, spyware and zombies in a fun film clip that showed just how easy it is for users to be infected and not even know it.
Publication of the photograph, taken Sunday, came the day after Bertrand's family had vowed to turn off the TV news because of the stress and anxiety of scanning every film clip for news of his unit or a glimpse of his face among the thousands flashed across the screen.
She showed a film clip of a pas de deux from Balanchine's Midsummer Night's Dream.
Lester May, a retired Royal Navy Lieutenant-Commander, contacted the Chronicle after spotting the 90-second silent film clip in the British Pathe archives.