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a mechanism for advancing film in a camera or projector

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His company's machine uses an integrated servomotor/coupling combination, which provides rapid start/stop film advance while preventing misalignment problems before they occur.
The top of the range Le Clic FS50 Motorised Flash Camera offers electronic flash, easy fill loading, automatic film advance, automatic rewind, film counter with advance check, free film and batteries and costs pounds 19.
The ideal camera for kids and vacation use, the Polaroid 345AF features a motorized film advance and rewind, making picture taking easy.
00 for the ST 200 with manual film advance, and $6,995.
Automatic loading Film Advance Automatic film winding Film Rewind Automatic Rewind
Automatic Film Advance and Rewind - the camera automatically loads and
Concord") (Nasdaq:LENS) today announced at PMA (Photo Marketing Association) the Polaroid 343 AF, a new 35mm film camera with an easy to use viewfinder, auto focus, motorized film advance and rewind, auto flash and red-eye reduction for only $17.
Motorized film advance, auto-rewind and self-timer make picture taking easy and convenient, especially when shooting fast-action sports.
Automatic Film Advance, Red-Eye Reduction, Superior Lens,
Film advance Automatic advance with built-in motor; S (Single) or C
Each Sure Shot camera features a Programmed Image Control (PIC) that automatically sets the appropriate camera settings such as autofocus, exposure metering and film advance mode for optimum results in five specific shooting conditions including Portrait, Landscape, Close-Up, Sports and Night Scene.
Exposure Control Automatic exposure control Film speed setting Auto DX for ISO 50 - 3200 Film advance Motorized auto advance; auto rewind at the end of the roll, mid-roll rewind by mid-roll rewind button Flash Built-in zoom type; Fill-in, Flash on/off, Night (slow synchronization) and Red-eye Reduction modes; recycling time: 7 sec.
Standard features now available in the Rebel 2000 include depth-of-field preview, faster film advance and midroll rewind.