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a mechanism for advancing film in a camera or projector

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His company's machine uses an integrated servomotor/coupling combination, which provides rapid start/stop film advance while preventing misalignment problems before they occur.
Both have fixed-focus lenses; the deluxe model also features automatic film advance.
The Mamiya is bulky for someone accustomed to 35mm cameras, and it doesn't have autofocus or motorize film advance.
We are told to use a camera with a motorized film advance, with no thought that it might introduce image-blurring vibration when attached to a telescope.
Focusng, exposure, flash, film advance, loading--all are commonly automatic or greatly simplified.
The FS40, has a built in electronic flash, slide lever film advance, DX window and optical viewfinder, and at pounds 11.
By developing the Intelli-Punch for Ultre* 72- and 94-pica recorders (including the new Vision models, which accept dry-silver film and come with Color Quality Registration technology and user-defined Film Advance Correction for greater accuracy), RTI brings the possibility of punch registration to the low end of the color-capable imagesetter market.
The Discovery 80, for instance, offers drop-in loading, an autofiring flash, an active autofocus system and automatic film advance.
The Fujifilm Clear Shot V ll, with manual film advance and manual flash, and Clear Shot M ll, with Automatic Film Advance and Rewind and Automatic Flash, provide quality photographs resulting in sharp, clear and colorful pictures.
It is focus-free and boasts great features like simple loading, rapid film advance, built-in lens cover and shutter lock, flash ready indicator light and wrist strap.
05% accuracy enhanced by its user-defined Film Advance Correction.
That's followed by the Trip S camera, a contoured model with motorized film advance and rewind.
Additionally, the film advance lever actually re-cocks the mechanical shutter after a digital image has been taken, and chronographic dials and needle indicators bring back memories of precision-made watches.
The ideal camera for kids and vacation use, the Polaroid 345AF features a motorized film advance and rewind, making picture taking easy.
00 for the ST 200 with manual film advance, and $6,995.