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Synonyms for fill-in

one that takes the place of another

Synonyms for fill-in

someone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult)

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Even with larger fill-in factors, ILUTP did not converge.
But the duo's popularity took off within the local gay and lesbian community, leading to a year-plus stint on the all-gay Triangle Broadcasting network and to occasional fill-ins on KFI.
The design is quite abundant in fine lines and floral designs with regular fill-ins and few left over spaces, she stated.
The giveaway comes with Philly Fill-Ins word games, a five-pack of With Love postcards, a With Love pin and the Official Philly Brag Book, featuring 200 reasons to love the Philadelphia region, along with maps and coupons.
The TaxWise features that are universal include Instant Error Checking, keystroke-by-keystroke or entire return; the ability to open multiple instances of TaxWise to view more than one return at a time; Automatic Fill-Ins with ZIP Codes that fill in city and state, auto name, and address completions for EINs; Real-Time Calculators; Comprehensive Diagnostics with multiple warnings checking your input; K-1 Pass-Throughs that carry data from business returns to appropriate 1040 return; Carry Forward of Last Year's Data; 3-Year Summaries; What-if Alternate Scenarios; Management Reports, and more.
The Jets and Vikings squaring off for a third-place trophy, or a group of fill-ins going through the motions for the fun of it in a game nobody watches any more?
Shoppers who don't need to do a whole shopping can stop at Target for their miscellaneous needs and pick up the grocery fill-ins.
99) Large monthly single-panel comics and a row of 6 color panels below it accompany an easy at-a-glance wall calendar with large boxes for fill-ins and prior months.
As fill-ins, Ward suggests sedums, whose leaf colors range from lime green and deep green to acid yellow and red.
Those two are also more like-for-like Collingwood fill-ins, as they offer options with the ball.
Your major players have got to play major roles but there has to be fill-ins from other people - you can't just rely on one or two guys producing the goods all the time.
Petrapport is offering Great Fill-Ins, which comes in such flavors as chicken, bacon, meat, carrots and peanut butter in a rawhide or pork hide chew.
What's most important for them," adds McGeachy, "is for the uniforms to last three to four years, have color consistency, and be fortified with consistent fill-ins on a year-by-year basis.
and the remainder will be fill-ins in existing markets.
As a result, having discouraged or turned away Gerard and hundreds like him, many large school systems resort to last-minute fill-ins who reach on emergency certificates.