fill in

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Synonyms for fill in

supply with information on a specific topic

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represent the effect of shade or shadow on

be a substitute

write all the required information onto a form

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The TaxWise features that are universal include Instant Error Checking, keystroke-by-keystroke or entire return; the ability to open multiple instances of TaxWise to view more than one return at a time; Automatic Fill-Ins with ZIP Codes that fill in city and state, auto name, and address completions for EINs; Real-Time Calculators; Comprehensive Diagnostics with multiple warnings checking your input; K-1 Pass-Throughs that carry data from business returns to appropriate 1040 return; Carry Forward of Last Year's Data; 3-Year Summaries; What-if Alternate Scenarios; Management Reports, and more.
A lot of them work for temp agencies and large businesses will keep a basic work force and when a need comes they will hire a temp agency to fill in.
How often do the backup people fill in to keep in practice and on top of changes in the job procedures?
Herma said after the meeting the company plans to "continue to grow the mid-Atlantic area and to fill in the Midwest," citing opportunities for more stores in Chicago, Min- neapolis and Detroit.
Virtualization Services can fill in the gap in both of these areas, helping enterprises more quickly consolidate and contain their servers and applications.