filing system

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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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Virtualization is a start, providing the single unit behavior that the global filing system requires to present data stores to the compute grid, so SAN architectures are called for; however, the scale of these SANs is beyond the capabilities of Fibre Channel.
The global filing systems provide transparent access to storage, but are not equipped to provide optimized and efficient access.
Selection and design of a subject filing system is thoroughly discussed in this guideline, with helpful sections on dictionary and encyclopedic filing system arrangements, coding systems (alphabetic, decimal-numeric, duplex-numeric, and block numeric), types of indices, and cross-referencing procedures.
ARMA International Standards Filing Systems Task Force
Under this alternative filing system, the IRS would mail returns and refunds or bills to taxpayers, who would then review the returns for accuracy and notify the IRS if they questioned the results.
Acknowledging the IRS's views, the GAO said there might be no need for the alternative filing system if the IRS could get most taxpayers to file electronically.
SEI) pointed out that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has already deployed an online permit filing system designed by SEI.
The Commonwealth's Department of Environmental Protection Online Filing System also demonstrates how an eGovernment system can make life easier for businesses in the state by reducing the effort required to comply with regulations.
the recognized leader in cost-per-page procurement and output outsourcing, today announced it has reached an agreement with ImageTag(R), the creator of innovative solutions for moving paper to the digital world, to OEM the KwikTag(R) paper-to-digital filing system under the Print, Inc.
ADP played a key role in developing the EDI implementation standards and expanding the capacity of the systems which enabled national release of the new filing system.
Canon's Image Filing Systems Division authorized resellers will now be able to source MailRoom software directly through Canon's distribution system.