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a clerk who is employed to maintain the files of an organization

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These range from 2,473 receptionists to 6,599 general office assistants and clerks, 596 filing clerks and 1,469 stock control clerks.
uk/jobseekers) currently has 15,823 jobs, including 2,491 receptionists, 831 administrative posts, 638 filing clerks and 468 distribution staff.
Born in London, Bourne was a teenage autograph hunter who did a range of jobs, including working as a filing clerk for the BBC and selling theatre tickets, before going off to study dance theatre at the age of 22.
He first took a job as a tea boy and filing clerk at a City of London insurance company and later discovered a passion for retailing.
Cypriot Paphitis, who moved to England aged nine, got his first job as a tea boy and filing clerk at a London insurance broker.
So what if some former filing clerk in Chester has designed an automatic toilet roll dispenser that takes all the effort out of reaching up and pulling off one square of ply by yourself?
I started my career as a 'marketing assistant', a filing clerk really, and, on my first day, I was asked to hand a letter to Mr Wright who was arriving on the 6pm train from Manchester.
London, Aug 27 (ANI): A filing clerk has been sacked from her job after she was caught having a sex romp with a security officer in court.
CHUCKLESOME comedy, with Norman Wisdom as a lowly Foreign Office filing clerk who gets involved in a vital diplomatic mission to Geneva and brings his own brand of chaos to the world of international affairs.
ACTRESS Helen Baxendale has revealed how she got cold feet in her first job as a filing clerk.
Photographer Peter Bolter started working for the company as a photographic filing clerk.
50pm) MAN OF THE MOMENT (1955):Norman Wisdom stars as a lowly Foreign Office filing clerk who brings chaos to the world of international diplomacy.
When the war ended Sir Archie resumed his career in the civil service which he had joined at 16 as a lowly filing clerk.
SANTA CLARITA - When Mary Nugent left secretarial school to work as a filing clerk at ITT Industries in New Jersey for $18 a week, war was on the horizon.
Bachelor Wolf was immediately suspended from his job as a filing clerk in the Foreign office's records and historical department.