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a clerk who is employed to maintain the files of an organization

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It doesn't help that Roberson's research, the basis of the script, makes Pekar's life as a filing clerk seem downright stimulating.
It features both artists working wholly within the comic-strip tradition, including Robert Crumb himself (in a collaboration with filing clerk and aspiring writer Harvey Pekar railing against rejection of their work by Village Voice ) and Posy Simmonds, and those like David Shrigley and Chad McCail who take elements of it into a fine art arena.
Photographer Peter Bolter started working for the company as a photographic filing clerk.
50pm) MAN OF THE MOMENT (1955):Norman Wisdom stars as a lowly Foreign Office filing clerk who brings chaos to the world of international diplomacy.
When the war ended Sir Archie resumed his career in the civil service which he had joined at 16 as a lowly filing clerk.
SANTA CLARITA - When Mary Nugent left secretarial school to work as a filing clerk at ITT Industries in New Jersey for $18 a week, war was on the horizon.
Bachelor Wolf was immediately suspended from his job as a filing clerk in the Foreign office's records and historical department.
The Texas Supreme Court relied on a tortured reading of the state Constitution, one that equates the most powerful public job in Texas with a filing clerk for the Senate in order to reach its conclusion," Zipp told Editor & Publisher on Jan.
Employees said they would also like to see filing clerk become a "data storage specialist", a post person become an "office logistics co-ordinator" and a tea lady a "catering supervisor.
A local government filing clerk and churchgoer, Miss Mills was described by those that knew her as a little on the reserved side but kind, her death was recounted in the newspaper feature Dossier of Death, by Mike Posner.
He said: "I started with the firm as a filing clerk in the tax department here and worked my way up through the departments.
Born in Cyprus, he began working as a filing clerk for Lloyds of London when he was 16 before moving into retail at 18 and starting his first business by 23.
You have to be here every day because the day you aren't, there the glasses go," said Juan Gonzalez, an 89-year-old retired filing clerk who smokes up to seven cigars a day guarding the bronze statue from a nearby bench.
Jennifer, 20, of Ryton, a filing clerk, said: "The Apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to work, train and earn a wage at the same time, which is great.
With a dead-end job as a filing clerk in a hospital, his only obsession is old jazz records -an interest he shares with fellow outsider Robert Crumb.