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thin in diameter

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Increase in degree of blistering and rusting was noticed with respect to exposure time period while no cracking and filiform corrosion was witnessed.
16) wind sock shaped, filiform, varicoid or high riding CS.
To this generic description I would add only that the hind femur is deeply sculptured on its outer face, the hind tibiae are slightly flared distally, and that the antennae, though filiform, are relatively thick and flattened dorsoventrally along their entire length.
Effect of Powder Painting Procedures on the Filiform Corrosion of Aluminum Profiles," Prog.
Digitate keratosis is a clinical finding that can be either acquired or inherited and is present in several disorders of keratinization, including multiple minute digitate hyperkeratosis (MMDH), lichen spinulosus, phrynoderma, spiny keratoderma, arsenical keratosis, multiple filiform verrucae, postirradiation digitate keratosis, trichodysplasia spinulosa, and hyperkeratotic spicules (1).
53 the eye length; postocular lobe narrow; antennomeres 1, 3-4 filiform, 2 moniliform, 5-10 eccentric, 11 pointed apically; antennomeres 3-4 shorter than 2, 5-6 and 11 about as long as wide, 7-10 wider than long; antennae reaching humerus.
Additionally, there are other species in section Collandra for which the corolla lobes are long, free, and filiform (C.
The red patches are the depapillated filiform papillae.
There are various types of lingual papillae including filiform, fungiform, circumvallate, lentiform and foliate papillae on the surface of the tongue of mammals [13].
The falcate sensory pores in the last antennal segment are filiform in R.
In planktivorous and detritivorous fishes, the gill rakers are numerous, filiform and near each other, functioning as an efficient filter (DELARIVA & AGOSTINHO, 2001; RODRIGUES et al.
Warts although have been classified as viral, fungal, mosaic, filiform, seborrhoeic and keratocanthoma (Shastry, 2004 and Vegad, 1995), virus induced papilloma or the warts are the most common clinical entity in cattle.
5 cm long, 9-10 mm wide, rounded at the apex; stamens subequal, filaments free, light green to white, filiform, 10-11 cm long, anthers green to green-whithish, linear, curved, 9-12 mm long; ovary green, ovoid, 9-11 mm long, ca.
Antennal segments 1 to 4 filiform, segments 5 to 10 broadened and more serrated, and the segment 11 non-serrated and acute apically.