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thin in diameter

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polyobotaria (Oberthur, 1923) bursae oval-shaped and with filiform structure in female genitalia --.
Effect of Powder Painting Procedures on the Filiform Corrosion of Aluminum Profiles," Prog.
7 mm, spreading, filiform, golden brown to castaneous, lustrous, twisted, not only slightly tortuous, strongly denticulate; laminae 0.
Package 21 - Tablecloths gauze 17 filiform thread radiation barren *
Examination revealed lacrimation and conjunctival abnormalities or exudate; ophthalmologic examination revealed 2 filiform worms on the conjunctival fornix of the affected eye.
The filiform snakes, on the other hand, often intertwining with bigger beasts in central Swedish runestone ornament, are missing in the Urnes-style patterns on the weapons of north-eastern Baltic region.
It is characterized by linear, pink smooth or filiform papules symmetrically distributed on the vulva.
Leaves basal and cauline, the lowest with much reduced blades, 3-ranked; sheath present, glabrous to pubescent; blades usually well developed, linear to filiform, midvein prominent; contra-ligule usually prolonged beyond top of sheath.
Metasoma: (1) first metasomal tergum filiform, widening little after the prominent spiracles in dorsal view; posteriorly strongly convex in lateral view; (2) tergum II 1.
Funke, W, "Blistering of Paint Films and Filiform Corrosion.
Section 4 is dedicated to nilpotent Lie algebras and specially to filiform Lie algebras.
5 mm appendages adnate to the petals for 8-12 mm; stamens completely exposed at anthesis, erect; filaments terete, white, the antesepalous ones free, the antepetalous ones shortly adnate to the petals; anthers linear, 8-10 mm long, filiform at anthesis, fixed near the base, distinctly shorter than the petals; pollen narrowly ellipsoid, sulcate, exine broadly reticulate, lumina subrounded, muri narrowed; style slightly shorter than the petals, white; stigma conduplicate-spreading, blades slightly contorted with recurved apices, densely papillose, white, ca.
Flukes were assigned to the family Brachylamidae based on long and filiform bodies with the genital pore and associated reproductive structures in the posterior-most region.
Lezyonlardan punch biyopsi ile alinan materyalin histopatolojik incelemesinde ortokeratotik stratum korneum, filiform ortokeratotik cikintilar, akantoz ve ust dermiste hafif lenfositik infiltrasyon saptandi (Sekil 3).