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Synonyms for filibuster

Synonyms for filibuster

a legislator who gives long speeches in an effort to delay or obstruct legislation that he (or she) opposes


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(law) a tactic for delaying or obstructing legislation by making long speeches

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Because in 1970, Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield instituted a "two-track" system that allowed the Senate, by unanimous consent or the approval of the minority leader, to bypass a filibustered bill and go on to another.
Again, a second point of order is not subject to debate, and thus cannot be filibustered.
com/sen-wendy-davis-filibuster-live-stream-watch-texas-senator-try-defeat-abortion-bill-1322501) filibustered A and blocked the SB-5 bill, a law that would potentially close the majority of abortion clinics in Texas, outlaw abortions after 20 weeks, require surgical center standards, and require doctors to have admitting privileges a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic.
Motions to change the rules could be filibustered like any others, but then as now the actual vote required to change the rules was a simple majority.
At the start of President Bush's second term, the names of several judicial nominees whom the Democrats filibustered during the 108th Congress were resubmitted to the Senate, further escalating tensions between Senate Democrats and the White House.
Democrats filibustered again this year, and at press time Senate majority leader Bill Frist had all-but-promised to use his party's majority to declare the filibusters unconstitutional and force floor votes on all these nominees, which would guarantee their confirmation to lifetime bench appointments.
Provine explained that in 2001, the estate-tax legislation was part of a budget bill, which under Senate rules cannot be filibustered.
By their signatures, the seven Democrats who signed the memorandum agreed that for the remainder of this year and during 2006, "Nominees [to federal judgeships] should only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances, and each signatory must use his or her own discretion and judgment in determining whether such circumstances exist.
Two appellate court nominees filibustered last term have had their nominations moved by a party-line committee vote to the full Senate.
When confronted about his vote late last year, Frist claimed he filibustered Paez for "scheduling" purposes.
The first recorded episode of dilatory debate occurred in 1790, when senators from Virginia and South Carolina filibustered to prevent the location of the first Congress in Philadelphia.
Sen John Cornyn (R-TX) acknowledged the Democrats had confirmed 168 and filibustered four of President Bush's nominees, but, he said, "four unconstitutional filibusters of these nominees is four filibusters too many.
Senator Leahy: "I cannot recall a judicial nomination being successfully filibustered.
Every judicial nominee who has been filibustered would be confirmed by a simple majority vote if the nomination went before the full Senate for a vote.
Meier filibustered for almost two days against a provision in Senate Bill 1275, "which would have prevented public inspection of the records of the Industrial Accident Board," according to the Legislative Reference Library website.