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designating the generation or the sequence of generations following the parental generation


relating to or characteristic of or befitting an offspring

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Filially, Richards believes, "when something looks, feels and acts like TV, but is delivered over the Internet, into people's living rooms, we need something that meets audiences' expectations and provides the right degree of reassurance.
Today man is ready to cross the entire solar system to achieve, at all costs, objects, to love them, to possess them, to resemble them, to imitate them, to equalize them, up to the point of being possessed by and obeying them filially and blindly, i.
Participants tended to contrast North American or Canadian culture negatively against idealized images of other, mostly non-Western cultures perceived as more filially responsible, using these cultures as standards of comparison.
Filially, the evaluation of the Clay County program compared the recidivism rates of RSP participants to those in the comparison county during their first six months in the community.
It would help to understand different aspects like; how well it functions in the current setup and what are the areas hampering its growth, what has been the impact of different changes made over the years in the name of reforms, and filially what further steps are required to convert local GST into 3rd generation or ideal VAT.
321-39) gives an edition with photographs of THT 1540, a set of thirteen fragments in Tocharian B, of which the largest four belong to two consecutive pages of a manuscript relating a version of the Buddhist parable of the filially pious elephant (here, a female elephant who cares for her blind parents).