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the love of a child for a parent

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Her thoughts and feelings show no filial love for them (not even conflicted emotions) and, with the exception of her beloved William and sister Susan (who, she discovers, has qualities worthy of her notice and influence), no sibling love for her rambunctious younger brothers and the petulant Betsey We cannot attribute such emotional distancing to Fanny's early removal to Mansfield Park.
Moreover, the writing is so good, interweaving a complex set of love stories of different kinds: romantic love, filial love, love of art.
With an assist from CalTech physicist Kip Thorne, the brothers Nolan attempted a delicate balancing act: crafting a big, bold blockbuster that engages with filial love and quantum mechanics in equal measure.
The battle for his soon-to-be corpse, however, was apparently not triggered by filial love for the patriarch, not only of the Mandela clan but of the nation, but for the financial gain of having his last remains in their village as a selling point to attract tourists.
offers filial love as a value with the potential to resuscitate victims asphyxiated by materialism, whether dialectical or capitalist.
The collapse of Joe's career after 1991 had several causes, but aggravating the agony of them all was (I now sense, on the strength of the present anthology) his overwhelming, filial love for an America that no longer loved him back.
He connected heart and soul with the bashful and tormented hunter, and emphasized a filial love for Agathe.
This One Isn't Going to Be Afraid" further deepens the tug between filial love and duty, as a daughter surveys her mother's traits and discovers that she will never be as capable; "What You Can Endure" revisits the pair, adding new insights to their relationship with a running reference to whales.
The body of the volume then examines various kinds of love as staged by Shakespeare--the intensity of parental love in conflict with the Roman concept of honor or pietas in Titus Andronicus and Coriolanus; filial love in relationship to the imperatives of duty in King Lear; the tendency of romantic love to over-or undervalue its object in Troilus and Cressida and All's Well That Ends Well; and jealous love with the rage and violence it can unleash in Othello together with a fruitful parallel from The Winter's Tale.
This play is built on the importance of filial love.
There is the brilliantly inventive "Film parle," which conveys a harrowing narrative of filial love and bitterness through a cinematic prism, mixing dialogue and background information with the visual transitions and stage directions of a film script: "Et c'est la nuit, un an et demi plus tard.
Beneath a fragile veil of filial love, we realize that Raza is vulnerable.
While at the film's end we've learned to respect the prawns' plight and to see them as capable of possessing "human" feelings such as filial love, loyalty, and intelligence on occasion, there is absolutely nothing in the film that allows the viewer to understand, let alone sympathise with, its Nigerian characters.
Although this version emphasizes filial love and is structured around the two climactic encounters between the Prince and his parents (with the Ghost in 2.
Parental love is treated in a comparative reading of Titus Andronicus and Coriolanus; filial love in King Lear; romantic love in a fruitful crossing of Troilus and Cressida and All's Well That Ends Well; finally, jealousy is explored in a combination of Othello and The Winter's Tale.