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the love of a child for a parent

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The ability of filial love, particularly that of Alex, to transcend ideology is reinforced by a framing motif.
There is the brilliantly inventive "Film parle," which conveys a harrowing narrative of filial love and bitterness through a cinematic prism, mixing dialogue and background information with the visual transitions and stage directions of a film script: "Et c'est la nuit, un an et demi plus tard.
While at the film's end we've learned to respect the prawns' plight and to see them as capable of possessing "human" feelings such as filial love, loyalty, and intelligence on occasion, there is absolutely nothing in the film that allows the viewer to understand, let alone sympathise with, its Nigerian characters.
Although this version emphasizes filial love and is structured around the two climactic encounters between the Prince and his parents (with the Ghost in 2.
Parental love is treated in a comparative reading of Titus Andronicus and Coriolanus; filial love in King Lear; romantic love in a fruitful crossing of Troilus and Cressida and All's Well That Ends Well; finally, jealousy is explored in a combination of Othello and The Winter's Tale.
He examines Shakespeare's treatment of parental love in Titus Andronicus and Coriolanus, filial love in King Lear, romantic love in Troilus and Cressida and All's Well That Ends Well, and jealousy in Othello and The Winter's Tale.
Using Korean notions of jeong (agape, eros, filial love, compassion, empathy, solidarity, relationality) and han (ruptured heart, original wound, world sorrow, personal and collective experience of alienation), Joh establishes categories (and stories) with which she engages in a debate with traditional and contemporary theologies of the cross.
Only one who prays, that is, who entrusts himself to God with filial love, can enter into eternal life, which is God himself," added the Pontiff.
French's poem, 'Striking Distance', while sharing Heaney's tropes of both bog and digging, goes deeper into the filial relationship in its impressive handling of role reversal, filial love, and mutual frailty.
But there is also beauty and talent and filial love and erotic love and, above all, the truth of things, realized in characters we come to care deeply about.
Putting The World Together is a remarkable story, touching upon the contributions of all three Reuther Brothers in their efforts to revolutionize the workplace but colored with the emotion of filial love.
Filial love and adaptations to the house cannot mitigate the often unbearable stress on carers and their families who eventually may not even be recognised by their own nearest and dearest.
Thus his masterpiece came increasingly to be interpreted as a tragedy of the common man, as a short-circuiting of filial love, as though the economic and social setting that also failed Willy Loman could be erased.
How different The Quiet American is in this way from, say, Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient, a beautiful book about the possibilities of turning postcolonial affiliations into filial love and affiliated bonds, as expressed through the affair of Hannah and Kip.
But all this burning desire was restrained and to a certain extent crushed by my heartfelt, almost filial love for that pure and virtuous soul, my benefactor Todor Milutinovic.