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duty of a child to its parents

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His criticisms of the three standard theories of filial duty, for example, seem to me decisive, and the alternative account he offers, the 'special goods' account, is both plausible and enlightening.
In the Confucian ethical system, the cornerstone is filial duty.
Namely, the sin was failure of filial duty owing to his "wandering" in America.
Our sympathies go with dithering, under-achieved but decent Mr Plod - more a Jellystone Park Yogi Bear warden - who wants to retire, but can't name the day In essence, Walter left the nest and went his own way; Victor stayed behind out of filial duty to look after his once wealthy widowed father, stung by the Wall Street crash.
Three competing accounts of filial duty appear in the literature: the debt theory, the gratitude theory, and the friendship theory.
When economic conditions are strong and job opportunities plentiful, sons and daughters of entrepreneurs typically spend about five years after college working outside the family firm before returning to take on their filial duty, said James Ellis, director of the Family Business Program, part of University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business.
His ferocity is directed against real sins: the neglect of the poor, the oppression of workers, the evasion of filial duty.
The remaining members of the Miller and Montana families who come together at the welcome table - including Jimmy, Arthur's last lover - constitute a group bound by love rather than simply by blood or filial duty.
The fact that it signaled obedience and filial duty is no doubt important, but Jesus was not, in later life, a person who did something simply because it was expected of him.
Her demonstration of learning, piety, skill, affection, and filial duty would surely have impressed Katherine, a woman of no small influence with the king.
This second aspect of filial duty may be called, in Hebrew, morah commonly translated in English as "fear":
So if your mos recent filial duty was to send your dad a card and a box of chocs for Father's Day, why not put him first and follow it up with a visit soon.
Prior to the Ch'in-Han period, most Ju accounts probably also recognized the conflict of interest between filial duty and patriotic duty.
In Revolutionary America as well, filial duty was gender-specific, with sons expected to provide financial contributions and daughters to provide the hands-on care and nurture of aged parents.