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(computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files

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DNG, where ABC are the photographer's initials, 150915 indicate the date of 2015 Sep 15, 1234 is the unique identifier number or counter for the file, and DNG is the filename extension.
Reading job name characters can occur from the beginning or from the end of a filename (reverse filename parsing) to ensure compatibility with any third-party application.
The program sends the list of filenames (song titles) to the server, which indexes it.
The path, or directory if there is one, and the filename follow the name of the server.
artist and title components of a filename of as many files as the user wishes.
The agent uses a random filename and extension, which makes it difficult to identify.
11) type "3" to print: (12) after printing, when everything is satisfactory, type "5" on filename to discard file.
At the conference, Core Security Technical Support Engineer Dan Crowley will offer his latest presentation "Windows File Pseudonyms: Strange filenames" during which he will demonstrate how features not widely known in Windows path and filename normalization routines cause unexpected behavior and allow for potential attacks.
The tests enable administrators to find out free of charge if their network is protected against emails that use different exploits to try to break into and infect a system, including an email with a long subject, an attachment with no filename, an attachment with a long filename, the Popup Object Exploit and an attachment with a double file extension.
With the FileProbe selection engine, one can quickly select thousands of files across multiple directories meeting a certain filename, and/or file date criterion.