file system

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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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These CDP products operate as a layered feature of the underlying storage infrastructure, and usually operate independent of the host's file system and volume manager.
The improvements in failover and recovery time provided by this new release of VERITAS File System enable our customers to move toward the elusive fifth-nine of data availability.
IBRIX Fusion removed I/O bottlenecks in our file systems, allowing our rendering application to perform as much as 100% faster in a stable and highly scalable environment, plus, we were able to migrate data on-the-fly without shutting down production.
These file virtualization switches use industry standard CIFS and NFS protocols to virtualize existing heterogeneous file systems.
Lustre, the Lustre logo, Cluster File Systems, and CFS are trademarks of Cluster File Systems, Inc.
The iSCSI initiator driver responds to file system SCSI commands that are targeted to the disk drives the initiator represents.
Active Filing for Business Records is a clearly written, helpful resource book that will aid in designing and maintaining an efficient, effective active file system for any organization.
RapidScale appliances eliminate the performance bottlenecks inherent with legacy Network Attached Storage (NAS) products, delivering a single file system solution that scales nearly linearly in both capacity and performance.
Each instance of these file systems is typically limited to 2TB of capacity.
Moreover, it will become a focal point for universities, labs, and vendors to come together and use the flexibility and open source status of Lustre to create solutions to the their high performance file system needs.
A global file system provides access to the storage layer, but it does not control its behavior.
CFS develops and supports the Lustre[R] File System, a highly scalable, parallel file system for Linux clustered computing.
There are NAS solutions that support a single file system while others aggregate multiple file systems.
CFS), announced that it has contracted with the Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to provide Lustre[R] File System support and development.