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(computer science) a digital computer that provides workstations on a network with controlled access to shared resources

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Building on my past experience in Afghanistan, I knew the file servers needed to include a UPS, KVM and ruggedized transit case.
Scaling performance and throughput of existing file servers
Auspex introduced the world's first Network Attached Storage (NAS) server shortly after its founding in 1987, creating a new breed of storage appliance capable of delivering significant performance and administrative benefits over general-purpose file servers.
Other features include system enhancements that double the performance of previous-generation MaxAttach file servers, a SCSI port for local backup to tape drives and libraries and dual 10/100 Ethernet ports for robustness and fault tolerance.
OAI's Netserve/CD 2400 server provides a direct network attachment for CD-ROMs rather than to a host file server with a SCSI-connected CD tower.
This provides much faster access to the large volumes of data that file servers can store.
Their commands are not as complex as LANs', they don't need powerful dedicated file servers and they can share printers.
Accessing file servers across a WAN was thought to be impossible due to the effects of latency -- regardless of how much bandwidth is available.
Management is complex, scaling is difficult, and clients are statically mapped to file resources so that changes to file servers directly impact users.
To accomplish this, they first create policies or scripts to migrate all the low-value data from the file servers and DAS storage to the low-end NAS devices.
5 for Linux/FreeBSD offers antivirus protection of data stored on file servers in a heterogeneous environment.
FC could be used in either a loop technology, with up to 126 devices attached to a loop, or in a fabric with switches connecting multiple file servers and storage devices.
Advertising content flows electronically via the Internet and satellite through the DG FastChannel network and is ready to play directly into HD video file servers for broadcast without first being transferred to tape.
The explosive growth of data storage and massive proliferation of file servers and NAS appliances has created a management nightmare for company data centers and storage administrators.
BitDefender(R), an award-winning provider of antivirus software and data security solutions, today announced the public availability of its new Enterprise Security Suite for Mail and File Servers running on Samba or FreeBSD.