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(computer science) a digital computer that provides workstations on a network with controlled access to shared resources

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As for our own battalion operations if we did not have a local file server and had to rely on the usage of the brigade file server by MTOE, our collaboration efforts would have been slowed to a crawl.
The SMEStorage hybrid Cloud File Server differentiates HP Cloud Object Storage by providing a traditional file server overlay that includes a native Cloud Drive for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops, as well as powerful synchronization solutions.
Scaling performance and throughput of existing file servers
Other features include system enhancements that double the performance of previous-generation MaxAttach file servers, a SCSI port for local backup to tape drives and libraries and dual 10/100 Ethernet ports for robustness and fault tolerance.
If your file server appears sluggish and you've bought a computer that accepts multiple CPUs, you can add an additional processor and effectively double your server's performance.
A file server failure can disrupt the entire network, and failure-protection systems are expensive.
Osborne finished by saying, "We will have some exciting new announcements to make soon about more work we are doing to enhance our Saas File Server platform, which continues to be an open Cloud platform and not restricted to working with single Cloud data silos.
Management is complex, scaling is difficult, and clients are statically mapped to file resources so that changes to file servers directly impact users.
Because TopSpin is a true file server, client requests and data are not directed through the main file server," said Michael Conrad, president and CEO of Compact Devices.
A SAN storage device is a block-structured storage device, serving blocks to a file server.
The advertisement then was electronically transferred to Discovery's play-to-air file server, which seamlessly broadcast the spot over the air.
Suppose Server 4 becomes full, and the Sales data has to be moved to a new file server (Server 5).
Question(s): Would small business NAS be used primarily for backup or archiving or would it be used as a file server, storing actively-used and created files?
In many respects, a NAS device strongly resembles a traditional file server based on DAS.
Enhanced NFS support and performance also lets organizations with heterogeneous computing environments use a single file server to manage Windows, Unix and Linux clients.