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(computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files

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The Metadata database stores all the metadata records, the Gazetteer stores gazetteer information to help search a place name more easily, GISdata stores all the vector data, SpatialDirect stores all the vector records to interact with FME software, and PUMapData stores basic information of scanned maps and creates unique image file names.
If we were successful in getting Excel to default to a workbook with the path and file name, we will have to remove the footer for the new template.
This pulls your existing DOS names into Sherlock, where you can give them long names without losing your original file names.
The browser creates a read-only catalog that displays the clip-media elements of Industry At Work in a visual gallery of thumbnail images, rather than a textual list of file names.
However, that solution lea& to a different problem: If you have many windows open, the icons representing them won't fit on the taskbar so it's hard to access them, or if too many icons are squeezed into that limited space, you may not be able to read the file name.
TransferPro's file name filters translate file names to the most appropriate form for the target file system.
Let's say you have a file name or its cryptographic hash; you can look up either piece of data on FileAdvisor, and immediately know who made the file, what the application is, what commercial software packages contain it, and how many instances of it are in the marketplace.
Excel 2002: To insert a path and file name on the header or footer of a spreadsheet, click on View, Header and Footer, Custom Header (or Footer) and click on the icon that looks like a folder with a piece of paper falling out of it (see screenshot at right).
You then have the option to save it with a file name and a format--as HTML or plain text; if you want, you later can convert either version of text to a Word file, but that's an extra step.
Changes found by BitDefender in this new variant include reparation of the bugs from the first version, a change of the file name to "$sys$xp.
An Access database will be created with the same name as the file name (confirm.
The "Hits Report" details usage of all AVMs that return data within the administrator's selected time period, including user, date, AVM name, cost, address, file name and borrower name when entered by the user.
mp3" as the file name extension for their new audio coding technology.