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(computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files

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2) It may also be useful and instructive if a photo's file name tells us something about the photo itself, maybe the place or event when that photo was taken, perhaps a date, or even a person's name aside from its unique identifier number.
Rather than scroll and click, you can type the names of files, use shortcuts to copy file names, and paths, open the command line etc.
After making the connection between ArcSDE and SpatialDirect, we opened SpatialDirect's Administration Interface Web page, created a map image, generated a unique URL, and entered the necessary information such as file name and size in the database called SpatialDirect.
That takes care of your immediate goal: to have the default format include the path and file name in the footer of your workbook.
Make sure you know the location of where you saved the file and what the file name is.
But it is important that the file name not use the following: / \ I : * ?
This may be simply that the file name specified in your web page doesn't exactly match the file's name.
When the search is completed, a list of items containing the file name "0196tta.
The program works simply by substituting its own save and retrieve dialog boxes for the DOS file name boxes that the application would normally use.
In addition to the disk number and file names, key words are also included that might help find the job if the file name is forgotten.
Easy database querying to discover information such as the file name, the UUID mapped to the file, last access, last modification, permissions, file size and type and the user ID
That will evoke the screen below, which will tell you to enter a file name for the new, cleaned-up version of your original file.
report" file name to get the Electronic Duplicate Report; and type the "bib.
But when I tried to follow the screen instructions for adding the path and file name to an Excel workbook, I was confronted with a bunch of unidentified icons (see screenshot below).
Online Log is designed to track and log records of online sessions including vendor, date and time, database, subject or client designation, connect time, file name, and most importantly, session cost.