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office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order

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In these incidents, file cabinets, desk drawers, and boxes were found to contain documents such as personnel files, visitor logs, fitness reports, and medical records.
The file cabinet creates an exclusive email address for each project to improve communication among all stakeholders.
Every file stored in a HomeDataGuard File Cabinet is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standards and protected with secure socket layer technology.
Using a key locking file cabinet that has a key code number next to the keyhole on the cabinet.
File the folders, in order of deadlines, with the most urgent first, in your file cabinet.
I call such arrangements "horizontal file cabinets," and chances are, when you finally go through that stuff, you'll find that most of it isn't that important at all.
Immediate purchases are affordable, monthly purchases, which improve any aspect of the studio (a new file cabinet, a music theory game, one piece of software, new music books).
I had one stuck to my file cabinet and everyone in the office wanted to steal the little fella.
While the didactic tenor of this central file cabinet is in keeping with Valcarcel Medina's recent work--which, like his monumental new book 2000 d.
Four people squeeze inside the office itself -- two sit on a file cabinet, the other two use the only available chairs.
I also keep a file cabinet immediately next to my desk.
There is a rule of thumb that estimates 50,000 bytes of storage are required for one scanned letter size page and 10,000 pages can be stored in one four-drawer file cabinet.
Little known reasons to consider this technology include the fact that professionals spend 5 to 15 percent of their time reading information, but up to 30 percent of their time waiting for it; a typical four-drawer file cabinet costs $200 and occupies nine square feet; four weeks of executive time is spent finding information; three percent of all documents are misplaced files or lost documents; the average business document is copied up to 19 times; it typically takes seven minutes to find, retrieve and re-file a document; and if you pay $7.
A single file cabinet on casters slides conveniently out from under the add-on leaf, while a double file cabinet features a slide-out shelf to accommodate a CPU or a printer.
Any oversized item that will not fit in a file cabinet, and any item that is part of a continuing or building series, is best housed on your shelves.