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thin in diameter

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The latter is important because the seams in armored vehicles are the most vulnerable areas, Filar said.
Smathers Libraries, University of Florida) and Beth Filar Williams (University of North Carolina Greensboro Libraries).
La camara no interviene, solo registra, es cautelosa, timida, casi imperceptible, se potencia a traves de un montaje fino, sugerente, en donde lo estetico es un transito exquisito para filar un contenido.
This is especially problematic with such selections as Abel Gan 's 19'39 filar of Gustave Charpentier's /Amuse, winch eliminated most of the music and played the drastically rewritten text as spoken dialogue.
All measurements were taken in millimeters (mm) by the help of filar micrometer (OSM-4, Olympus).
It is here described and illustrated; it was treated in the usual way for mounting on a slide in Canada Balsam; the usual measurements, stated in ([micro]m, were taken with an AO filar micrometer (measuring units 1.
ONL and INL thickness was measured on 4',6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI)-stained slides using a calibrated filar micrometer eyepiece.
Alle donne e dato in sorte, fin dal cielo e dalle stelle, di vestir abito imbelle e filar fino alla morte; e chi sdegna l'ago e il fuso della donna perde ogni uso; ond'io lascio ogni altro affare e solo bramo di filare.
Paul Filar loves Star Wars movies so much that while he was in college his buddies joked that he would be the first optometrist in space.
From our Medical Components group we produce custom ACTONE flexible cable tubes, multi layer/multi filar torque coils, drive cables, wire ropes, and coils.
The Provizion Anterior Segment and Retinal Camera Attachment created by American practitioner, Dr Paul Filar, pictured, was left on the Space Station to be used as a medical tool for any ophthalmological needs which may arise among the astronauts.
The biggest problem was that an adaptor plate for the filar micrometer was missing and Brian had to get another one made.
One of the bank's policy makers, Dariusz Filar, said that the bank may need to cut the required reserve rate for banks in two 0.
The entry-level ELT1 is a video filar system for measuring the indents on the comber monitor using a virtual joystick for easy on-screen operation.