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thin in diameter

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Providing value-added services such as legal compliance, analytics, consulting and integration will require the creation of a sustainable ecosystem of stakeholders and collaboration partners from both the healthcare and technology industries," noted Ms Filar.
Filar has not seen his father since he was sent away, nor does he want to.
In an article, filar wrote, 'One cannot rule out that there will come a time to consider two steps, 0.
Originally from Chicago, Dr Filar is a graduate of St.
Hargreaves on the observation of double stars, she asked--'Could the webs in a filar micrometer be coated with luminous paint so that the field need not be illuminated, and could the comparison image be formed from a real star close to the double so that the atmospheric effects might be comparable?
D concerning the problem of sport crimes, under the supervision of Professor Marian Filar, the head of the Chair of Criminal Law and Criminal Policy at the Law School of Nicolas Copernicus University.
Elizbieta Fornalik, Piotr Filar, Toshio Tagawa, Hiroyuki Ozoe, and Janusz S.
The entry level ELT1 is a video filar system for measuring the indents on the computer's monitor using a virtual joystick for easy on-screen operation.
With more personalized, sophisticated, web-based healthcare applications there is a promising market for health apps developers and technology vendors," says Ms Filar.
improvements to the filar micrometer', an acknowledgment that drew no comment (nor need it have done) from referee or editor.
This evoked images of monastic cloisters, and naturally suggested using the project to shape and protect such a space from its busy, urban setting," said M+W Zander architectural design leader Ken Filar, AIA.
In the last few years, however, IT spending has recovered quickly and is likely to remain positive for the future," notes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Malgorzata Filar.
His was the approach of the rugged individual facing the wilderness, sans photography, sans a filar micrometer.
As a tool for forecasting, this regime-switching model can be extended by making each of these two probabilities a function of leading indicator variables; see Filar do (1994) in the US context or Simpson, Osborn and Sensier (2001) for a UK application.
Manchester-based newcomer Filar Loop broke the pounds 20 price barrier, promising broadband for a remarkable pounds 19.