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any plant of the genus Filago having capitate clusters of small woolly flower heads

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Of trainer Bobby Frankel's four winners in this race, three were upsetters; Filago (1991) paid $10.
Several other suppliers also offer QMC, including AMD of Filago, Italy, and Promass of Trevi, Italy.
Filago desertorum Pomel (Asteraceae) plants have been found to produce even 36,000 achenes in an area of 1 [m.
Contract award: service management of real estate assets of the city of filago.
Color experts at the Color Competence and Design Centers in Newark, Ohio; Filago, Italy; Map Ta Phut, Thailand; Greater Noida, India; and Guangzhou and Shanghai, China can help customers visualize their unique color and can customize effects to suit each client's individual needs.