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Synonyms for figurehead

Synonyms for figurehead

a person used as a cover for some questionable activity

figure on the bow of some sailing vessels

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The Cutty Sark's own figurehead - the witch, Nannie - has naturally been restored to her former splendour.
Some figureheads have been washed up from wrecks off the North's coast while others were saved, often by captains, when their ships were broken up.
By the end of the 19th century figureheads had virtually disappeared but they still strongly evoke the romance of the sailing ship era.
On both sides of the Atlantic, commercial figureheads, cigar-store carvings and showground figures have for far too long been dismissed under the category 'folk-art', giving the impression of an unsophisticated and naive art form.
CLAPTON: Summer Pops concert to be broadcast tonight Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL; MAYALL: Figurehead
There is string music by Philip Glass and high, high lifts for three couples (Roxas and Kevin Predmore, Dakin and Stephen Pier, Miki Orihara and Foreman), who look like totem poles or figureheads afloat on a, golden sea.
The naval museum originated in the model collection established by the master shipwright Fredric Henric af Chapman in the middle of the eighteenth century, and even though part of his collection was moved to Stockholm in 1907, enough remains to merit a special exhibition building, particularly now that the models are supplemented by a collection of figureheads and by some real vessels including a minesweeper and a torpedo boat.
PABLO NERUDA loved the sea and everything about it: sand, ships in bottle, figureheads of beautiful maidens from the prows of ships and seashells.
This large artwork features a fascinating array of figureheads on sailing ships lined along the docksides.
She appeared in several other series for CBS and for years was one of the network's figureheads.
But they fear public backing by high- profile figureheads could harm their campaign, not help it.
Unlike many companies where the Advisory Board consists mainly of figureheads, our Advisory Board members have rolled up their sleeves to help us perfect our product, forge key partnerships and open doors at potential customers," said Steve Nicolle, President and CEO of Tatara Systems.
figureheads continue to talk amongst themselves, accomplishing nothing, trying not to hurt anyone else's feelings while elbowing for ownership power.