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a bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played

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By coincidence (perhaps), Sarah Freiberg, who is responsible for the Broude volume, had already produced a modern edition of Guerini's Solos, published just a year before by PRB Productions, with a realized figured bass and a clear musical text that many performers will certainly prefer over the critical facsimile, and which also manages to include informative commentary on the music and its performance.
It is more of a pity that the final chapter, on "other essential aspects of figured bass playing," is so brief.
Although in modern music theory, dashes are sometimes used in prose to separate the figures signifying suspensions, these are not used in eighteenth-century figured bass and do not appear in Torres's treatise, nor should they appear in the music transcriptions (e.
xii), is the retention from the previous version of Max Schneider's old-fashioned and unstylish realization of the figured bass.
This part indicates Telemann's preferred instrumentation for each sonatina, naming the recorder, bassoon, or cello for the sonatinas in C minor (TWV 41:c2) and A minor (TWV 41:a4) - both of which have appeared previously in modern editions for treble recorder with reconstructed figured bass lines (Two New Sonatinas for Treble Recorder & Basso Continuo, ed.
Preston is particularly adept at clarifying the considerable difficulties surrounding a harmonic realization from the figured bass notated in Leclair's sonatas.
Corri would write out sometimes as many as eight different ways for the harpsichordist to realize one figured bass (e.
By providing a generally unobtrusive realization of the sparsely figured bass, Hirschmann adheres to the standards of the Telemann-Ausgabe that differ sharply from the lack of realizations in the Neue Bach-Ausgabe.
Each of these concerted miniatures is supported by an independent figured bass line.
Simply click on a pitch to insert beautifully formatted chord symbols, roman numerals, figured bass or scale degrees.
But by the time Part 2 appeared (containing the chapters on figured bass accompaniment and improvisation) the new technology 'enabled the printer to place all the music examples directly within the text itself' (vol.
It was only after my return from Basle, where I studied harpsichord and figured bass with Jorg-Anderas Botticher and Jesper B.