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a knot having the shape of the numeral 8


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Sheila was walking near her house when she saw a sign about a lost cat with a bear-shaped spot and a habit of turning figure eights.
Prosecuting Yvonne Jobling said after driving on the embankment he began to drive in figure eights on the road.
Olesen descended in a series of figure eights over the field, managing his energy so as to arrive at the proper high key altitude.
Practice your figure eights and triple axles at the Blue Cross RiverRink at Penn's Landing.
The unique orbit configuration will essentially draw figure eights over Japan, allowing the satellite to position itself directly over the top of the country and provide information within the urban canyons and mountains.
Racing continues tonight at Irwindale Speedway with the NASCAR Late Models, Ultra Wheels Super Trucks, NASCAR Super Stocks, figure eights and demolition derby.
Inspired by all the attention given the Winter Olympics in Saravejo this month, you may want to rush down to the nearest ice rink, strap on the blades, and brush up on your figure eights or speed up your slap shot.
How: A great lover of music, Sara dances by doing figure eights and loop de loops in her wheelchair.
I don't have any other place to go to,'' said Mele, who practices her figure eights and spins four to five hours a day on the regulation-size rink on Van Nuys Boulevard near Parthenia Street.
Wells even invoked pinball and mosh pits (elements of the surf-skate-club culture) as the dancers and skaters literally bounced off the walls and one another, forming figure eights, diagonals and crisscrossing traffic patterns.
Racing continues Saturday at Irwindale Speedway with NASCAR Super Late Models Twin 40s, Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, USAC Three-Quarter Midgets and figure eights.
Coverage is so complete at Snow Summit that locals are making figure eights down off-trail spots that haven't seen the bottoms of skis since the late 1970s.