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a knot having the shape of the numeral 8

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a skating figure that carves an 8 in the ice

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Construction of the Quarry Climb and Figure Eight trail will help the WCCA establish the Corner Brook region as a mountain biking destination.
Researchers in Britain estimate that during sport, the average breast can move 21 centimetres (about the length of a box of tissues) in a figure eight movement.
7-mile hilly course takes runners on a figure eight around Hardwick village.
Shaped like a figure eight with a stainless steel and polycarbonate frame, this device opens bottle caps, pull tabs, safety seals, bottle tops, jar lids, and slice open bags.
Every Saturday I would be at the ice rink about 8am to have a ballet exercise class, then hire a patch of ice to do figure eight practising my edges, then I would have private dance lessons with my instructor Norman Francis.
Nothing fancy mind you: just a small, simple oval or figure eight with a few cars attached to the locomotive and trailed by the caboose .
The figure eight is an 18-inch length of 1/8-inch nylon rope.
It can range from a vigorous, highly athletic, and sexualized articulation of the hips to a subtle 'hip swirl' where the feet shuffle and the hips whirl in a languid figure eight.
Fold into the chocolate mixture - this means use a big spoon and draw the figure eight around the bowl as you pour the cream into it.
Carly's most popular designs are her Loopa scarves which are made on a loopa frame using a figure eight and slip knot technique.
Up to 120 cars will thunder around a figure eight course inside the Cardiff landmark as they compete for first place in an exciting new stage of the Wales Rally GB event.
The rope travels about 20 ft from the extruder to the sheet line, where it's fed in a loose figure eight into the calendering rolls.
Guest tables were positioned around a black and white dance floor where guests danced to the music of Figure Eight.
Another basic knot featured in the Outdoor Program clinic is the aptly-named Figure Eight knot.