figure eight

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a knot having the shape of the numeral 8

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a skating figure that carves an 8 in the ice

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He turned figure eights and meowed until the kibble clattered into his bowl.
The figure eight is an 18-inch length of 1/8-inch nylon rope.
It can range from a vigorous, highly athletic, and sexualized articulation of the hips to a subtle 'hip swirl' where the feet shuffle and the hips whirl in a languid figure eight.
Fold into the chocolate mixture - this means use a big spoon and draw the figure eight around the bowl as you pour the cream into it.
Following the ceremony, the bride's parents hosted a reception at The Old Capitol Inn with music provided by Figure Eight.
Colsey approached the 13-year-old and waved a sheath knife in front of her in a figure eight before putting it one centimetre from her neck.
Ajax thumped five past PSV last month and Liverpool could have matched that humiliating figure eight days ago.
Carly's most popular designs are her Loopa scarves which are made on a loopa frame using a figure eight and slip knot technique.
As he bent down to verify that the forward avionics fan was operating properly, he quickly signaled a figure eight to the PC and to me, meaning the aircraft had a fire.
Up to 120 cars will thunder around a figure eight course inside the Cardiff landmark as they compete for first place in an exciting new stage of the Wales Rally GB event.
The rope travels about 20 ft from the extruder to the sheet line, where it's fed in a loose figure eight into the calendering rolls.
Right after Christmas, Edwards escaped both the flurry of phone calls probing his intentions and the chaos of a household revolving around two small children, by retreating (as he often did before major trials) to the family's North Carolina beach house on Figure Eight Island near Wilmington.
However, a quick look will reveal that in terms of flat input to my listening room it really performed no better than the one in the RT-35 or the Coincident Triumph (or the NHT ST4 in Figure Eight, below).
Like a little slice of femininity among all that linear dogma, a thin metal tube loops and swerves into a figure eight, halted in the middle by a thick bar.