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consisting of or forming human or animal figures


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Bringing these threads into conversation with queer subjectless critique, I would add that it is precisely through the waiting room that asylum-seekers--those whose asylum claims have not been verified, who are not even intelligible as "real" refugees--emerge as figurally queer.
The reader, first tracing the historical narration in Scripture, figurally relates its features with the person and work of Christ in the New Testament and the mystical body of Christ (i.
The word "mystery" (mysterium) is used throughout De mvsteriis to describe, not just the "mysterious" nature of the sacraments, but that which is made clear through reading texts and events figurally.
Here, the Christianized version of the Temple acts to formulate ecclesiastical space as "the New Temple," appropriating and displacing the ancient prototype, both figurally and conceptually.
Indeed, just as much as apostrophe configures a circuit of communication that brings the other figurally closer (whether the poet's voice or the post-carriage's speedy flight), it also enacts the absence and sometimes even fictional nature of the addressee that the addresser so dearly would have at her side.
Figurally, cannibalism results in self-consuming fictions, by which political and economic structures based upon oppression lead inevitably to their own self-destruction.
Sybil kisses Septimius, kiss from Rose, before being before being figurally literally killed by Septimius.
Patricia Tobin argues that "this compulsive neatener-up and hellbent literalist of a protagonist could not have made up this book we are reading, not on the most figurally propitious day of his wan and dogged life" (29); Robert Seguin goes further, calling "this discursive pastiche known as 'Todd'" "structurally unsound" and arguing that we should resist "the common temptation to psychoanalyze" him (134).
their figurally induced equivalence although not, I think, their actual
The text is written on clay, the same kind of material as forms the city walls, of which it constitutes literally and figurally the foundation, as it is hidden in the "foundation box of copper" (I, 25).
But retinality marks more positivist genres as well, as we shall find if we turn from the fantastic tale to the detective novel: more specifically, to the popular turn-of-the-century novelist Gaston Leroux's Le Mystere de la chambre jaune--a text that, like Claire Lenoir, also figurally links domestic chambre to optical chamber through a bedroom whose features echo and exteriorize the pigmented anatomy of the human eye.
A reading of the Arab Dream passage in Book Five of The Prelude shows Wordsworth conflating Hebrew prophecy and Christian apocalyptic writing as a model for poetry in which the poet is figurally taken over by the prophetic mode.
From the start, Garcia Marquez has practiced two relatively distinct styles of writing: the figurally charged prose already on brilliant display in his earliest fiction, Leaf Storm, which was rejected for publication at the time, with the concession that it was "poetic"; and the objective concision of such tales as No One Writes to the Colonel or reportages like News of a Kidnapping.
6) Photographing and painting its rustic communities and citizens, Alston pictured a racialized, volkisch space in a figurally abstract style, one influenced by African sculpture and expressionism (Figure 2).
An analysis of the induction processes of the 42 participants suggests that even if relationships among numerical values have had greater contribution to similarity than did figural ones, those who induced figurally acquired a better understanding of the generalizations they constructed.