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consisting of or forming human or animal figures


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Nothing can be pinned down as particularly recognizable except for a few barely visible figural representations in some of the paintings.
At first glance, this experience might appear to be a simple studio activity, but the creating of figural forms in clay, the synthesis of these detached forms into a cohesive whole, and the development of characterizations and a habitat for the sculptures created bridges for learners into the content and process of areas such as art history, aesthetics, art criticism, literature/language arts, social studies, science, architecture and ecology.
Aside from Gazelles of Lyndhurst, art nouveau and art deco pieces will be on offer from Surrey-based Candice Horley, who promises figural sculpture, British and European art pottery as well as 19th and early 20th century fine English and continental porcelain.
Mud Pie's collection, called Tailgate, includes a melamine football-shaped plate with an opening to hold a can, bottle or stemware; a large melamine platter and a bar board that features a football scene, as well as a spreader shaped like a megaphone; a metal party tub and a mini grill with a megaphone-shaped bottle opener; and acrylic stemware with figural stems of football players' or cheerleaders' legs.
Largaespada's figural compositions, which are even more obviously artificial than his landscapes, exploit photography's expressionistic potential.
Her analytical approach is refreshingly clear; she not only sorts our the major characteristics of Bernini's influence on contemporary Roman decorative arts, such as the idea of metamorphosis, but also suggests a working classification of the artistic vocabulary of Roman Baroque decorative arts into figural, vegeral-floral, architectural, and heraldic categories.
Inside is the aula, a generalised multifunctional spatial idea drawn from traditional Finnish farm courtyards, both corridor and reception area, a field of movement which also contains the figural elements of worship hall and parish centre.
For kids of all ages, Dakin is unveiling a Kermit-themed gift line that includes figural mugs, tote bags, gift-boxed baseball caps and keychains, featuring television's most beloved frog.
com) is an Asian antique gallery specializing in Japanese figural art of the Edo period (1615-1868), with emphasis on ningyo and Buddhist sculpture.
Ivory was especially popular on the Continent in figural knife hafts from the 1650s, although metal and anthropomorphic figural knife hafts with enamelling were a feature in this country, even if many were brought in from workshops in Bavaria and the Netherlands.
Tea sets are doing extremely well for us," said Sandy Sferella-Taylor, national sales and marketing director for Ambiance Collections, which introduced several figural teapots in fruit and vegetable shapes at last month's tabletop market here.
To use the term kouros is to take a title from a founding category, a figural type.
The formerly semi-nomadic Guarani had no figural arts tradition: rather, they used geometric patterns to reveal nature's essence, adopting Christian forms with anti-Christian intent.
and Hardee's(R) restaurants for Cool Kids(TM)- a program that is slated to give out an estimated 3 million premiums to consumers, featuring Yu Yu Hakusho TCG cards, figural promos through more than 3,137 restaurants.