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You look as though you had been fighting with the Killer Whale.
What I failed to do, through implicit belief that my petition would be presumptuous and unwelcome, I do now, Dejah Thoris; I ask you to be my wife, and by all the Virginian fighting blood that flows in my veins you shall be.
Of course it might happen that the hull kit-and-boodle might start and run, if some big fighting came first-off, and then again they might stay and fight like fun.
Fast and furious was the fighting as the nobles of Salensus Oll sprang, time and again, up the steps before the throne only to fall back before a sword hand that seemed to have gained a new wizardry from its experience with the cunning Solan.
Consequently, when these monsters met in battle, they manoeuvred for the upper place, or grappled and fought like junks, throwing grenades fighting hand to hand in an entirely medieval fashion.
Astok, as was his way, finding that the enemy did not fall immediately before their swords, was leaving the brunt of the fighting to Vas Kor, and now as his eyes appraised the panthan carefully they presently went wider and wider, for slowly he had come to recognize the features of the Prince of Helium.
He meant to fight for her--to die for her, if necessary--and if he did not die to go on fighting to the end for her love.
The wily Simon de Montfort had attempted a little ruse which centered the fighting for a time upon the crest of one of the hills.
And when it came down to raw and naked fighting, with the last veil of sentiment or illusion torn off, he could take their breaths away.
Cheese-Face had been a little fiend at fighting, and had never once shown mercy to him.
As "the Fighting Wolf" he was known far and wide, and the cage in which he was kept on the steam-boat's deck was usually surrounded by curious men.
The two little boys fighting in the modes of four thousand years ago, did not hear the warning.
They had much to learn and in the meantime our Fighting Groups weeded them out.
The warriors of Swaran fled then, pursued by the sons of Fingal, till the hero bade the fighting cease, and darkness once more fell over the dreadful field.
I would that he had a fighting chance," said John Harned, facing the ring to see the second bull come in.