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I know people will say it is over for us, but we will fight down to the wire and hopefully that will be enough to keep us in the league.
Fired straight into the lead by Ramon Dominguez, the Mike Maker-trained winner faced a fierce fight down the home straight as Union Rags bore down on him with gusto.
After months of diversions - sideshow candidates, Hamlet acts and straw polls - Tuesday night's sizzling Republican presidential showdown boiled the nomination fight down to its essentials: a deeply personal, ideological and smashmouth contest between two rivals with almost nothing in common.
We initially turned the fight down because of that," Army admitted, "and then the Rosinsky team started talking a lot of crap.
Saturday's game has extra spice because Exeter are still in the thick of a battle against relegation, and the boss continued: "We face a real fight down there.
We have a duty to throw down weary gauntlets in the face of such tiresome adversity and rise, in the light of victories to come, as glorious knights, resplendent in a boozy glow, determined to fight down the demons of recession and ill fortune.
But he's going to have to stand aside for me and just mark this fight down to experience and see it as part of his learning curve.
And then as joyfully as that troupe had carried this Good News into our midst, they danced it fight down the centre aisle and out into the streets of Canterbury.
If a fighter tries to slow the pace of the fight down, they will be penalized for passivity.
The fight down in Alabama has shown that they will do whatever they have to in order to prevent Democrats from claiming a piece of the religious mantle, even if it means taking what could be portrayed as the "anti-religion" stance themselves.
Warren, who marks 25 years as a promoter at a reception tomorrow, said: "Kevin Mitchell is a big fight down the road.
Williams said, ``It's not a major disappointment because I can win this title and hopefully then fight Klitschko in the next fight down the line when I make my first defence.
Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Johnny Tapia all turned this fight down - Augie stepped up to the plate and I really admire him for that, but he's going to get a beating.
You people have a cat fight down there and it's too bad you can't solve that rather than come before us every two weeks,'' said Commissioner Henri Pellissier.
Opsware's IT automation software provides us with a new weapon in our armoury to fight down costs and vastly improve efficiency levels," commented Brian Tuckey, business development manager at Teleca.