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a leaf from a fig tree

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a covering consisting of anything intended to conceal something regarded as shameful

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Fig leaves reduce the amount of insulin needed by diabetic patients who have to regularly take insulin injections.
long line of morphing behind fig leaves as if it were sin.
But then again, anyone who appears on national television wearing only fig leaves, obviously doesn't have much respect for themselves anyway.
Lavernock shall be designated a naturism resort with thermal fig leaves optional during winter.
It's chock full of a wealth of information on varieties, fig botany and cultivation, quick ideas for fresh and dried figs, sources for buying figs and how to cook with fig leaves.
If you can't find fresh fig leaves, omit; brush fish with reduced vinegar and place directly on the grill.
Try out Fig Leaves, the new online lingerie store selling brand name undies for men and women (www.
As desperately as royalists and assorted radicals sought to strip away the fig leaves of republican (and godly) virtue, just as determinedly did Cromwell and some of his publicists put them back.
They then made aprons of fig leaves to cover themselves.
Business cards are the most common shape, but triangles, rectangles (mimicking book-covers), maple- or fig leaves .
Show a couple in fig leaves against a woodland setting, bring on a pair of boys, have one kill the other, and it is not just the rocket scientists in the audience who will be able to figure out that one is Cain and the other is Abel.
Samplers Attired in Fig Leaves Cause Stares and Stack-Ups
Protesters Wearing Nude Leotards and Fig Leaves will expose the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) HealthCare Foundation HIV Testing Clinic in Sherman Oaks as a Fig Leaf for Porn Industry
The Tranmere Rovers tes am donned knitted fig leaves over their strips are part of the launch.
LAST WEEK, I said that I thought Ed Balls was showing real cojones in taking the fight to the Tories and their Liberal Democrat fig leaves - and so he has continued.