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a leaf from a fig tree

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a covering consisting of anything intended to conceal something regarded as shameful

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Fig Leaf Software is very excited to be working with DOI and Phase2 in making this a successful launch.
When she set her eyes on the V&A's copy of Michelangelo's David for the first time, the queen was deeply shocked at the absence of a fig leaf.
It was London's first naked statue, and soon acquired a fig leaf.
As for the fig leaf of respectability provided by the UN, this only allows for the protection of civilians (not in Yemen, of course) but the amount of force and targets selected suggests regime change and even some Arab countries and China are expressing concern about this now.
London, Nov 23 (ANI): A Las Vegas businessman has come up with a special underwear that has a strategically placed fig leaf design that can help shield passengers' private parts from airport scanners.
For the fig leaf, fennel frond and carrot green ashes:
But a union boss fears the move is a fig leaf to cover the debacle of illegal payments to staff.
I hesitate to describe Kirklees councillor Kath Pinnock as being the fig leaf to council leader Clr Khan, but she certainly does seem to have hitched her Kirklees LibDem wagon to Labour's spavined old nag.
One of the great dangers of the special advocate system is that in some circumstances it serves as a fig leaf for fundamental unfairness because the hearing looks like a normal trial but it is not a trial at all, it is something completely different.
CDATA[ The entire world sends journalists to cover Israel, but some of them provide a fig leaf for Hamas, according to the Government Press Office.
The PFLP added that by participating, President Abbas is extending a fig leaf, and giving a gift to the Netanyahu government's ultra-extremism and racism, as described in the UN report on Gaza that was released this week.
I will not be anybody's fig leaf," said Ehud Barak, leader of Israel's Labor party, defending his decision to join the hard-right coalition government being formed by Likud leader Netanyahu.
We're so far from proper and strict interpretation of the Constitution on so many levels that it's one fig leaf against another fig leaf.
Or it was simple homophobia, without even the fig leaf of a medical rationale, a possibility that the ACLU should not rule out.
January shows a topless Eve wearing just a fig leaf to cover her modesty.