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being six more than fifty


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Two women died while at least fifty-six houses were damaged on Wednesday morning when a strong earthquake hit this city anew, just less than two months after it was struck by a magnitude 6.
Fifty-six categories include many for print and online newsletters--for example, Newsletter Design, Newsletter Information Graphics, Newsletter General Excellence, B-to-B Website Publication of the Year, and E-Newsletter--Breaking News.
Fifty-six percent of GOP students said they want to hear politicians talk openly about their religious beliefs, while only 21 percent of college Democrats agree.
Fifty-six percent of participants preferred the computerized to the clinician interview, and 49% would favor answering sexual history questions on a computer and then reviewing their answers with a clinician.
Fifty-six years after George Orwell published 1984, his magnificent polemic against totalitarianism, the big lie is king in America.
Brooklyn-born Ranieri has been attending ABT for fifty-one of his fifty-six years, built an investment firm in the 1980s, and currently is the lead director at Computer Associates on Long Island.
Students want to play "long pieces" for the recital, and this collection will fit the bill with all pieces being three pages and ranging in length from thirty-two to fifty-six measures.
Fifty-six yards later, Shaw was in the record books for the longest play in Avengers history and his team had the big play it needed to defeat the expansion Colorado Crush 45-34 and secure a first-round bye in the Arena Football League playoffs.
Fifty-six runners-up also received two 25-volume libraries, as well as a special Declaration of Independence prize kit.
With help from a team of advisers, namely UK-based American artist Susan Hiller, Budapest artist Janos Sugar, and American critic-curator Ralph Rugoff, Grayson selected fifty-six exhibitors from twenty-two countries.
Fifty-six percent of the people killed in crashes of this car from 1995 to 1998 were 65 years or older, according to the Institute.
AIDS, the scourge of our time, has infected more people of color than whites: Fifty-six percent of people with HIV are people of color and 86 percent of children with AIDS are African-American or Hispanic.
Two hundred fifty-six nodes are even more difficult.
Fifty-six percent of children are involved in one or more activities outside of the classroom: 20 percent are involved in junior varsity or varsity sports, 17 percent are in bands or musical groups, and 13 percent play in intramural or club sports.
Pay at Mandarin and other Salvadoran maquiladoras is between fifty-six and sixty-nine cents an hour, according to the National Labor Committee.