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being seven more than fifty

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Fifty-seventh Street and Fifth Avenue is often called the "corner of the four jewels.
This is the fifty-seventh consecutive quarterly dividend to shareholders since the Bank's conversion in October of 1987 from a mutual to a stock form of ownership.
The only person interested enough to make the trip downtown from Fifty-seventh Street was Richard Bellamy.
Fifty-seventh Street became a street of elegance and chic again.
1 million during the past four quarters, ranked fifty-seventh on Newsday's listing of Long Island's Top 100 Public Companies.
At the time, I was working as a typesetter in a small ad and magazine shop on West Fifty-seventh Street and one day Alan Belcher walked in to do pasteups and mechanicals.
During the same week, the combination of its state-of-the-art capabilities and its proximity to the United Nations helped to draw broadcasters to Medialink's Global Broadcast Center for live production and transmission services related to the opening of the fifty-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly.
the premier American jeweler and silversmith, will display the World Series Championship Trophy and the newly-commissioned World Series MVP Trophy in the windows of its flagship store at Fifth Avenue and Fifty-seventh Street beginning on Monday, October 22.
In addition to this station, SFX owns WGNA-FM, WPYX-FM, WGNA-AM and WTRY-AM, all serving Albany, which is the fifty-seventh largest metro market.