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being seven more than fifty


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It comes to close on fifty-seven thousand six hundred dollars.
Not that my Lady Fitz-Willis is any better than anybody else, being, on the contrary, a faded person, fifty-seven years of age, and neither handsome, nor wealthy, nor entertaining; but it is agreed on all sides that she is of the "best people.
Raffles's practice cost him either eight or nine sovereigns; but he had absolutely first-class bowling all the time; and he made fifty-seven runs next day.
There are fifty-seven apple-evaporating furnaces, to say nothing of the apple canneries and cider and vinegar factories.
Fifty-seven churches to be erected with half-crowns, forty-two parsonage houses to be repaired with shillings, seven-and-twenty organs to be built with halfpence, twelve hundred children to be brought up on postage stamps.
NDMA has so far provided fifty-seven thousand eight hundred and eighty-four tents, over one hundred and twenty-six hundred thousand food packs, seventeen thousand one hundred and eighty-seven blankets, thirty-one thousand two hundred and fifty mosquito-nets and sixty-three de-watering pumps.
With this purchase, UMH now owns fifty-seven manufactured home communities consisting of over 10,600 developed homesites.
Fifty-seven percent of voters said that their credit union does not have a payday lending product.
Fifty-seven percent of the women breastfed at all during the follow-up period; 36% of this group breast-fed for at least six months.
What makes his story and this book so special and an inspiration to other dreamers is that Peter was fifty-seven when he made the decision to cross his Rubicon.
On November 1, 1916, Dietrich became minister of the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, where he remained for twenty years until retiring at age fifty-seven.
8-acre site has been improved with fifty-seven 3 and 4-story garden-style apartment buildings containing 464 residential units with either a terrace or balcony, 583 surface level parking spaces, and 28 laundry rooms.
Veterans' surviving spouses who reached age fifty-seven and remarried before 16 December 2003 must apply by 1.
Each Palatino piano has an imported Italian keyboard with keys weighted to fifty-seven grams, providing the piano with moderate action for players at any level.
Fifty-seven percent said they either strongly or mildly agreed with the statement, "People should be allowed to say things in public that might be offensive to religious groups.