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being nine more than fifty


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Fifty-nine schoolchildren aged eight to 18 and five teachers were among those who lost their lives in the attack - the deadliest in the country since the toppling of the Taliban regime from power in the 2001 US-led invasion.
The book comes with a CD of fifty-nine exciting examples from around the world.
Fifty-nine million Americans are considered obese, and 300,000 die each year from related causes, making this disorder the second-leading U.
Fifty-nine percent of respondents indicated that their organization's e-mail records are not subject to any retention policy.
Fifty-nine percent of Americans said maintaining separation of church and state is important.
Fifty-nine percent of the young women were white, 23% black, 6% Hispanic and 11% members of other racial or ethnic groups.
Our commercial occupancy rate is fifty-nine percent and climbing -- and our school occupancy rate is ninety-eight percent.
The wound did not appear life-threatening, but inept medical treatment led to infection which was responsible for F robisher's premature death at the age of fifty-nine.
The last fifty-nine pages of the book are devoted to a very brief exploration of Canadian Baptist history.
After the holiday season, fifty-nine percent of Christmas trees are
Fifty-nine percent use the Internet every day for business reasons, while 95 percent say it's a weekly habit.
AP weighed in with 325 words, which The New York Times helpfully trimmed back to fifty-nine.
Six people would possess fifty-nine percent of the entire world's wealth, and all six would be from the United States.
The inmates were dressed in short sleeve shirts for a day of work in the field, but the temperature fell below fifty-nine degrees overnight and the inmates were forced to stay warm by huddling together.
Fifty-nine years after Merton made his trek to El Cobre, I followed in his footsteps.