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being four more than fifty


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He might stir his lovely Rose of Sharon to the uttermost, had he been free he might have won her for his wife--but would it be possible for fifty-four to hold the attention of twenty for long if he had nothing but his love to offer?
In 1842, that is, after the interval of seven years, they mustered only fifty-four individuals; and, while each family of the interior of New South Wales, uncontaminated by contact with the whites, swarms with children, those of Flinders' Island had during eight years an accession of only fourteen in number
Fifty-four million Americans received at least one free preventive health service in 2011 through their private health insurance plans, the Department of Health and Human Services announced in February.
Comprised of fifty-four humorous essays, this anthology offers contemporary works from the likes of Steve Martin and John Updike as well as nine older works from such "greats" as Mark Twain and Elizabeth Bishop.
CDATA[ Fifty-four boys and girls celebrated their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Monday in the Council of Young Israel Rabbis for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired.
Fifty-four percent said they consider it would be "difficult" for teens and college students to find a summer job this year.
Summary: Washington - The letter sent recently by some fifty-four U.
This fair brings together Fifty-four of the world's leading dealers in 20th and 21st century art and design.
Fifty-four of the slain officers were male, 47 were Caucasian, and 8 were African-American.
On June 3, Pope Benedict XVI ordained fifty-four Legionaries of Christ in Rome, hours before the meeting of ecclesial movements and new communities held at the Vatican.
Fifty-four percent of individuals in the cohort had private health insurance, 31% were covered by a public program and 15% lacked any health care coverage.
To provide a semblance of structure, Cameroonian curator Simon Njami grouped works by eighty-one artists from roughly half of Africa's fifty-four nations under three abstract dualisms: Identity and History, Body and Soul, and City and Land.
FIFTY-FOUR per cent of graduates struggle for more than a year to find their first job.
Fifty-four percent of Americans said atheists share their vision of society.
Tumkovsky retired in September 2003 at age 98 after fifty-four years with the School of American Ballet.