fifty percent

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a half expressed as a percentage

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New Delhi(India), Mar 9 ( ANI ): Jindal South West (JSW) Sports on Friday announced that it will acquire fifty percent stake of the Indian Premier League(IPL) team, Delhi Daredevils, with GMR Group holding on to the rest fifty percent.
The local government representatives would register a peaceful protest starting from march upto the CM House, Bani Gala and knocking the door of the Supreme Court against the KP government's policy of fifty percent deduction on uplift funds.
What is worse, the borrower countries have to surrender fifty percent of the loans amount at source but pay interest on the full amounts.
If there is no coalition that can reach fifty percent behind a single candidate then the second election is held a week later.
Most people are comfortable between sixty to eighty degrees Fahrenheit at a relative humidity (RH) between thirty and fifty percent.
ISLAMABAD -- Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said the number of net taxpayers has surged by almost fifty percent over the last four years.
As a first step, fifty percent lights of Aiwan-e-Sadr, Prime Minister Secretariat and PM House and Government offices would be cut while all markets, trading and commercial centres would be forced to close own the businesses at 8 PM.
Fifty percent of senators with school-age kids do the same (discounting seven non-respondents).
Shareholders maintaining continuous ownership of shares of GOIH for a period of twelve months after December 25, 2006 to December 25, 2007 shall receive an additional right to receive twenty five percent (25%) of the Cash Dividend; and shareholders maintaining continuous ownership of GOIH from December 26, 2007 to December 25, 2008 shall receive one (1) share of Class B preferred shares and the right to receive the remaining fifty percent (50%) of the Cash Dividend.
He said that an efficient energy system can save around fifty percent of electricity and millions of litres of fuel cutting oil import bill to half while saving fifty percent of the natural gas.
The organization is designed to be an advocate for the interactive entertainment consumers who represent nearly fifty percent of the population, whose average age is 33, and spends $10 billion annually on gaming, yet are continually overlooked by politicians and the mainstream press.
ISLAMABAD -- Fifty percent of stroke patients in the UAE are below the age of 45, said doctors at the Dubai Health Authority's (DHA) smart clinic.
The investors will receive warrants equal to the amount of shares into which the Notes may be converted, with fifty percent exercisable at $0.
While giving briefing to the Senate Standing Committee on Petroleum and Natural Resources here on Monday that held with Senator Muhammad Yousaf in the chair, Dr Samar Mubarik said that power generation from coal is fifty percent cheap as compared to the produced through oil.
Approximately fifty percent (50%) of the proved reserves are oil and fifty percent (50%) are a combination of gas and gas liquids.