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Synonyms for fifth

a quantity of liquor equal to one fifth of a United States gallon

position five in a countable series of things

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one part in five equal parts

the musical interval between one note and another five notes away from it

coming next after the fourth and just before the sixth in position


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Fifthly, standardization of skills has to be done and in the same way certification process has to be done meticulously to increase rigor in certification.
Fifthly, a public advisory and enforcement service is essential, staffed by people trained in conciliation, employment relations and economic and social development.
Fifthly, these set of laws reflected the fervent will of the people and the genuine desire of their new leader to create a democratic and prospering state which could be swiftly integrated into the international arena and high on the political, economic and social agenda of the international community.
Fifthly, as the CRESC researchers note, there really is a need to foster diversity in the banking system.
Fifthly, India's economic and military prowess has increased since the end of the Cold War and it aspires to be a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, along with countries like Japan, Germany and Brazil.
Fifthly, institutions should be established for training young workers in the fishing sector.
Fifthly, in terms of both hard power and soft power capabilities coupled with Asia's varied political systems ranging from communist regime in China to a democratic polity in India to a parliamentary democracy in Japan with the emperor as the titular head, Asia has become the new power center of the world.
Fifthly, the UAE has offered proposals to resolve its dispute with the Islamic Republic of Iran peacefully.
Fifthly, the government has to set up tax means, tariff and the price that could re-direct the agricultural activity towards traditional concentration on agricultural products that do not need much water quantities.
Fourthly and fifthly - I am rushing to the end to avoid the unkind editor's cut - the leak of the famous actor Mel Gibson's audio rage and the leak of the now infamous Indonesian singer Nazril Ariel's sexcapades that have caused quite a sensation.
Fifthly, there is a desire to reduce the import bill by encouraging local production which would at the same time encourage diversification, but more importantly create local employment to help solve Libya's high youth unemployment.
Fifthly, "The deployment of the Lebanese army and its inability to take the initiative .
Fifthly, the fund can transfer goods from one area of Libya to another in order to try to stabilize and unify high prices.
Fifthly, and crucially, the book sketches out a set of principles drawn from all the above which can guide policy and action in the international arena.
And fifthly, the third consciousness motivates blacks to fight back against whites by self-assertion in spite of law and moral codes when their pursuit of self-fulfillment and their desire for their integration into the mainstream American society are met with strong repulsion by racist whites in America.