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one part in five equal parts

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In the fifth part of a new series, we've delved into our archives to find some of the most interesting, exciting and iconic pictures of Teesside taken through the decades.
The fifth part considers an aspect of Riemann's work that, while it has attracted less recent at is worthy of consideration for addressing musical time, meter and metrics in particular, subjects too often neglected by theorists in preference for pitch structure.
Bulgaria is currently implementing the fifth part of the Transit Roads program with substantial delays.
While more limited, the fifth part of this book offers important information and tips to the practitioner planning to return to academia to undertake further post-graduate study.
The government expects to receive one fifth part of funds - over 52 billion som.
Washington, May 7 ( ANI ): Tom Cruise has signed on to reprise his role as secret agent Ethan Hunt in the fifth part of 'Mission: Impossible' movie.
The fifth part of the book discusses conflict between our two selves--the experiencing self and the remembering self.
The fourth part of the book explains how to plan a human dimensions study using common social science methods, and the fifth part looks at the human dimension in management of abundant and scarce wildlife.
The Anthology of Moravian Folk Music has reached its expected culmination, with its fifth part being dedicated to the Advent and Christmas repertoire.
The fifth part gives a brief exploration of the prehistoric nature of California Indian languages.
The fifth part looks as his teaching on knowledge and the philosophy of the mind, including relations between reason and faith, human nature and human knowledge.
The fifth part of the book deals with the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.
Friday Fast Five Sky Movies Premiere 8pm The fifth part of the Fast and the Furious series sees street racers Vin Diesel and Paul Walker (pictured) flee to South America, where they assemble a gang of crooks to carry out a heist in Rio, but DSS agent Dwayne Johnson is hot on their trail.
Finally, the fifth part of the book draws on insights made by the contributors of the book.