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a subversive group that supports the enemy and engages in espionage or sabotage

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As far as the official media were concerned, those calling for civil rights were nothing but cultural fifth columnists for Iran's enemies.
Made during the Korean War and heyday of McCarthyism in Washington, Invasion USA depicts an expansionist Soviet empire intent on world domination, abetted by fifth columnists and Americans too soft to make the sacrifices necessary for the preservation of liberty.
This perversion of our parliament by Pictish fifth columnists bending the democratic wishes of the English must stop before the Home Counties adopt the Euro and throw in their lot with the Flemish.
According to this thesis, Shiites simply reverted to their "historic" role as wreckers and fifth columnists.
The battle with these conspirers and thugs will have to take place sooner or later and the free sons and daughters of Egypt must get thoroughly prepared for the ultimate showdown with the evil fifth columnists.
The corrupt, China argues, are Fifth Columnists within the body politic and likens them to viruses that can spread the disease to the healthy organs, weakening the entire nation.
It was necessary, he said, to "take measures of increasing stringency" against aliens, suspect British subjects, and Nazi Fifth Columnists.
While the Allies' backs are turned waging a War on Terror in the Middle East, the Real IRA attempted a cowardly attack from behind like a bunch of Fifth Columnists.
Thanks to him, the secret service was controlling every move made by Britain's enemies within - known as Fifth Columnists and the subject of famous poster campaigns with slogans such as "Careless talk costs lives".
Quisling is a "traitor collaborating with an occupying enemy force", ie fifth columnists.
It is axiomatic that evil of the magnitude perpetrated in Mumbai, through a collusion between Pakistan-based hate-filled terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Indian fifth columnists will have a direct impact on the political mood of the nation.
No one knows what environment the soldier was working under, why he shot and killed, or if in fact there were fifth columnists involved last Sunday," Hanna said.
Granted that the authors of Zimbabwe's misfortunes are many and varied--some of them are sitting in Whitehall and Washington; some of them acted as fifth columnists before scuttling out of the country--nevertheless, Zimbabwe is a sovereign country able to make and act on its own decisions.
Since then, he has had a pretty constant stream of work, including television films such as Never Come Back - about Fifth Columnists and the Abdication scandal - Vanity Fair, and Far from the Madding Crowd.
An assistant chief constable travelled with Manchester officers wheron ever they were deployed, so I took him aside and asked: "Are there fifth columnists in there?