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a member of a clandestine subversive organization who tries to help a potential invader

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Fifth columnists could claim they were merely passive resisters, as did one real fifth columnist, Jose Maria Carretero, a popular writer known as El Cnballero Audaz (The Bold Cavalier).
Anyone who disagrees is clearly a fifth columnist with a penchant for garlic.
Was Eliot, like other missionaries in other times, a defender of native rights and a facilitator of adaptation, or merely a well-intentioned fifth columnist, dividing and weakening the people in their struggle for survival against the dominant society?
GCC states, representing the region's last bastion of security are right to pull up the drawbridge on fanatics espousing cultish creeds and fifth columnist enemies of the state.
Are you becoming the fifth columnist of China in this country?
Certainly no fifth columnist such as Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz, or Abrams, not to mention the Likud Bobbsey Twins, Kristol and Podhoretz.
This is dangerous for an historical party like the SPLM to have a fifth columnist.
The military powers in London declared that anyone with a German-sounding name, or of Germanic descent, should automatically be suspected of being a Fifth columnist for Hitler.
Go for it, Alex, and if you then decide to invade England with the same intentions you can put this columnist down as a fifth columnist.
Unfortunately, Professor Mahoney must be regarded as a fifth columnist and his opinions viewed with high suspicion.
If she is a fifth columnist, then she has gone above and beyond the call of duty for the Muslim Brotherhood.
Today, while Spurs entertain Liverpool at White Hart Lane, Graham will again be abused by a section of supporters accusing him of being a Highbury fifth columnist and demanding "their Tottenham" back.
That doesn't mean our PM is a fifth columnist for the Nationalists.
Is that slightly shady looking bloke at No 21 a fifth columnist in the pay of the Tree and Hedge Growth squad?