fifth column

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a subversive group that supports the enemy and engages in espionage or sabotage

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Loeffel traces the continuities in elite and public opinions about the fifth column, and ends his study by noting how the ruling Liberal Party exploited the Vladimir Petrov affair to benefit politically in the 1954 federal election.
The Fifth Column Capital, LLC strategy has been two years in the making and if initial results are as positive as anticipated, additional rounds of funding will follow.
They always were Capitalism's fifth column in Labour's ranks.
The sons of Arsal are very conscious of any fifth column and they are all with the Lebanese army," he stressed.
This week we particularly welcome Bridge House Mission which supports homeless people in Stockton-on-Tees, Lister Housing Co-operative Ltd in Edinburgh, First Step Trust in London which helps disadvantaged people back to work, Eco-Klean carpet cleaners in Wiltshire, the national body Royal Town Planning Institute, textiles specialist Thomas Kneale & Co Ltd in Manchester, London T-shirt printers Fifth Column Ltd, Hegarty Solicitors in Peterborough and Stamford, Kilpatrick Blane window control specialists in Inverclyde, Scotland, and Witherby marine publishers in Livingstone, Scotland.
If it tells them that terrorists from the Islamic State group came to Russia in order to blow up the fifth column, they'll believe it.
Fourth, the agreement creates a powerful fifth column inside Ukraine as the Donbass will have the right to be represented in Ukraine's legislature.
Those who marched with flags of the Palestinian Authority demanding that it not give up on the right of return, are a fifth column whose aim is the destruction of Israel," he told army radio.
Here is a guaranteed way to rid ourselves of this fifth column.
Ironically, the original fifth column was during the Spanish Civil War, when Franco sympathisers were waiting to join with the four columns of fascists, marching on Madrid--and to victory, in 1939.
The fourth column should be headed "Link-resolver/vendor" and the fifth column should be headed ''Link-resolver/citation.
From the balcony of the Hotel Imperial, Adolf Hitler addressed the delirious throngs who made up the fifth column that had helped doom the Austrian state.
He denied that the existence of a fifth column among the NCP members and pointed that all NCP members defend their civilization project, demanding them to protect themselves, their leaders, and ordinary citizens.
Everything Europe is implementing here are grants, attempts to form a fifth column.