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a small high-pitched flute similar to a piccolo

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Both sides went into the Elite League fixture without a number of key players, Garrett Ladd and Brett Robinson missing for Blaze, Sean Beattie, Shayne Stockton and Chase Schaber absent for Fife.
Partnerships for success In recent years, Fife College has invested heavily to support an accelerating demand for skilled personnel across all of the region's growth sectors - from Energy and Life Sciences to Food and Drink and Hospitality.
where he quarterbacked the team to the division title game his senior year, Fife joined the Ducks as a redshirt freshman that fall.
East Fife were first to threaten as Austin's effort hit a post.
He remains in the spotlight despite Cardiff 's aggregate win against Fife as Devils look to ensure they finish the season in style and claim a place in the play-off semi-finals.
Infantry Regiment, "The Old Guard," the Army's oldest active-duty infantry regiment, The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps is one of the Army's four special bands.
Ms Fife, 56, said, "Thomas Fife was born in Archdeacon Newton, which is very close to Cockerton, in 1774 and went to sea as a teenager.
Fife and his wife Sandra of South Yarmouth; two daughters, Annette P.
A Labour Party spokesman said: "Lindsay Roy is an outstanding Fife head teacher and will be an outstanding Fife MP.
But he lost his fight for life at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, Fife.
Writer Mike, who dubbed his plan the Fife Diet, said: "It seems crazy for us to be eating food that comes from South America, for example, when we can grow the same food here in Fife.
East Fife give precious little away, particularly at the Bayview Stadium, where they have conceded only four in ten outings.
September 2: Fife Flyers (A); 10: Billingham Bombers (H); 17: Paisley Pirates (H).
Old Dominion president Jerry Bailey says the company's board has agreed to terms with Old Dominion director of marketing Terry Fife and business partner Kip Olson.
1, Dan Fife has ventured out on his own to open an advertising firm in Conway.