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Synonyms for fiesta

Synonyms for fiesta

an elaborate party (often outdoors)


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After all, it's an event made possible by heart-healthy Golden Fiesta Canola Oil.
Finalmente sabemos que la fiesta se celebro; pero el hecho de cuestionarla marcaba el inicio de nuevas disposiciones para la regulacion de actividades de las monjas a las autoridades.
The Minyard stores will transition to Fiesta over the next several months.
The three-piece bistro set, which launches this month in all Fiesta colors, features a 22-ounce bistro bowl, a 101/2-inch bistro dinner plate and 7 Winch bistro salad plate, offering a wider food surface and deeper well to keep foods better contained.
Thanks to the home energy audits and other activities developed by the 14 EHDs, cumulative investments in highly energy-efficient heating and cooling system made by households are expected to reach 0,5 M and FIESTA s actions will lead to 328 toe/year in (primary) domestic energy savings, and 1,130 tCO2 reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Highlighting the technical progress since the original Fiesta was introduced, it would now take more than 80 modern-day Fiestas to generate the NOx emissions of a single 1976 Mk1 model.
The subcompact Fiesta, with attractive styling and a front end that looks like it's derived from an Aston Martin, is affordable to buy, too.
Her worst fears came true: She could not find anyone, and the reason was, again, the month of May being a fiesta month.
The Fiesta name was chosen by Henry Ford II in 1975 and today's version has notched up eight awards in the first half of this year - including Women's World Car of the Year 2013.
K was the biggest European market for the Fiesta in 2012, with 109,250 models registered, and white being the favourite colour.
THE launch of the all-new Fiesta is upon us and local motorists can catch a glimpse of Ford's much anticipated arrival at Lindsay Ford.
Live Aqua, Fiesta Americana Grand, Fiesta Americana resorts Live Aqua, Fiesta Americana Offer 30 Percent Savings in Mexico .
FORD'S popular Fiesta and Focus models remain the two top selling new cars in England, according to latest sales figures.
launched its locally assembled Ford Fiesta recently, all the top-five automakers on the island have also entered the sub-compact segment.