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Synonyms for fieriness

the heat or the color of fire

a passionate and quick-tempered nature

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awareness of the fieriness of fire, the wildness of wind, the turbulence
Its fieriness made up for the mildness of the other two.
The fieriness my ancestors had, I think I also must have in me because when I lined up to compete for Britain, it took a lot of heart and soul to get out there and be at war with my competitors.
The fieriness that the Maroons had, first with their fight with the Spanish and then the English, I think I've got that in me now,' said the 39-year-old.
Apparently the honey did its job of tempering any potential over- fieriness.
Impressed by the fieriness of this extraordinary philosopher, Sainte-Beuve observed: "Il avait son genie, son demon" (1: 79).
she had an oval face, very regular features, a magnificent complexion, quite superb hands and arms, eyes which were pretty if on the smallish side, yet which possessed a fieriness, an intelligence and a brilliance that I have never seen in any other woman.
He is also, it should be noted, a first-rate opera conductor, with an emphasis more on fieriness and propulsion than on reflection.
A chili's fieriness is a varietal characteristic that's significantly affected by growing conditions, such as temperature and the amount of water and sun it gets.
74) Sulphur is fiery and possesses magical destructive powers: '[Sulphur's] fiery nature is unanimously stressed, though this fieriness does not consist merely in its combustibility but in its occult fiery nature'.
There's no fresh ginger here – the fieriness of the final product relies entirely on the dried stuff.
mind: we cannot separate the fieriness of fire from the warmth of fire.
Although the Sun currently occupies a quieter part of your scope, some of the natural fieriness of your sign comes through because of the continuing Sun/ Jupiter angle.