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Synonyms for fierce

Synonyms for fierce

showing or suggesting a disposition to be violently destructive without scruple or restraint

so intense as to cause extreme suffering

intensely violent in sustained velocity

extreme in degree, strength, or effect

intensely sustained, especially in activity

Synonyms for fierce

marked by extreme and violent energy

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marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions

ruthless in competition

violently agitated and turbulent

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This change is global and will see us face fiercer competition from other manufacturing and trading nations.
As Election Day nears, the fight is growing fiercer.
Asked about his version of the science-fiction hero, he said: "He's a fun Doctor, he's a bit fiercer perhaps than some of the other ones.
As for dogs' current relationship with wolves, Steve Raith e-mailed to challenge a question Emerson raised in her editor's note: "How different are [dogs] from their fiercer canine relatives, the wolves?
We've witnessed competition and conflicts among players of the region getting fiercer," he said.
If I were salmon fishing in Alaska and competing with larger, fiercer brown bears, I would have a short-barrel 12-gauge shotgun loaded with the deep-piercing Brenneke slugs I mentioned earlier.
We want to keep coming up with new services as we face ever fiercer competition from other airlines.
When the ACC gets more active pain gets fiercer, but when activity drops pain subsides.
In the meantime, competition is getting fiercer, and interest rates are falling steeply as certain banks offered housing loans at an interest rate of 5.
the UCZ market, Ekomini stores) and formats is more important than the growth of existing players in terms of negative implications for listed players from fiercer competition in the market.
The election battle for Struga is getting fiercer but the entire attention is turned toward the Albanian candidates.
As demand grows, competition to dominate the market becomes fiercer.
A surge of US troops has helped improve security in the south of the country over the last year but there has been fiercer fighting in the east of the country and record civilian casualties.
The group said that the challenging economic environment, combined with fiercer competition in the industry, is putting pressure on airlines' profit margins.
The other act is The Deep Joy Quartet, who promise to be much fiercer than their name suggests.