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As Australians are evacuated from prison camps, the black chapters of Japanese fiendishness rapidly grow.
Yes, the other side had Adolf Hitler, whose fiendishness I have no desire to deny or minimize, but the point is that the overall character of the leadership on both sides sufficiently attests that there was enough evil to go around.
The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbhandhak Committee (SGPC) has appealed to Manmohan Singh to ask the Government of Pakistan to protect its Sikh minorities against the fiendishness of Talibans.
Discussing his own Napoleon Fallen, Buchanan criticizes Swinburne's republicanism and poetic taste; in Buchanan's eyes, Swinburne is seen as "that conscienceless & miserable inanity, little Swinburne," whose verses "brooded, with a feminine fiendishness, over the prospect of physical suffering & torture to the subject.
A name change would 'hand down to posterity the detestation with which the inhabitants viewed the fiendishness of the German nation'.
There was no wind to blame this time, just the fiendishness of the design.
The clank of a starting tank, the scream of a shell through the air, the ever-rising whine of fiendishness as a bomber dives.
According to one newspaper, "the fiendishness and brutality of his acts were such that the postal laws will not permit us to print them.
NOT such a tragic place to live - with more fun than fiendishness to be had from the fury of Harry Cross (inset) after his garden gnomes were kidnapped.