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a temporary fortification built by troops in the field

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Fieldworkers found femidoms strewn about below the condocans, perhaps indicating the community's disdain for them.
We were already doing pretty good - residential writing courses at Ty Newydd are amongst the most popular in the UK; Wales Book of the Year goes from strength to strength each year; fieldworkers in the North and in the South Wales Valleys consistently come up with brilliant new initiatives to get more people r1eading and writing.
Living as well as toiling with the fieldworkers, McMillan subsisted on her pittance and learned how hard the labor is.
The compact and durable Casio G'zOne Ravine 2 was created with outdoor enthusiasts and fieldworkers in mind.
Like all good fieldworkers, however, she soldiered on and tailored her efforts to something which, in my view, is far more sophisticated, and actually manages to revive the culture side of the equation by linking it with Christianity.
Fieldworkers are being recruited from existing allotments and a travel bursary scheme will help groups visit each other's sites.
Inspection of nest sites can only be undertaken by fieldworkers holding a licence issued by the appropriate countryside agency.
In Uganda, the organization ran a rural agriculture hotline using a network of Grameen Foundation fieldworkers with mobile telephones.
Between 1965 and 1970, Cassidy arranged for 80 fieldworkers to visit 1002 communities across the US.
As Zucchi writes, Harney's enthusiasm for ethnic urban neighbourhoods, his understanding of ethnicity as a living, breathing process, and his ability to make the Multicultural History Society of Ontario an exciting intellectual gathering place encouraged graduate students, fieldworkers, and volunteers alike to use Canadian cities as laboratories and to embrace the foreign-language sources so necessary to writing a "bottom up" history of immigrants, Zucchi identifies a recent resurgence in the study of urban ethnicity that is charting new paths and points to important directions that this research might yet take.
Because the number of qualified medical staff in Uganda and some other parts of Africa is insufficient to serve the HIV-positive population, especially in poor areas, and because previously studied off-site care programs relied on nurses or clinic staff, researchers conducted a trial comparing an HIV clinic's services with a home-based treatment program that used fieldworkers who underwent a month of training in providing antiretroviral therapy.
The fieldworkers were able to answer any questions regarding the study in the participants' own language to ensure full understanding.
Meeting in the marketplace or sitting over chai in the one-room mud or stone huts of fieldworkers, the sisters encourage mothers who have not yet sent their girls to school to do so, and report back on the progress and hopes of the girls who stay with them.
B'Tselem is doing everything in its power to assist the investigations: its fieldworkers in the Gaza Strip have coordinated the arrival of eye-witnesses at Erez Checkpoint and have accompanied them.