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a temporary fortification built by troops in the field

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FATA Polio Teams and fieldworkers have also commemorated World Polio Day at the agency level through various activities including walks, debates in schools and sessions with communities.
After consultation with the manager of the community mental health organisation the researcher gave a presentation to all fieldworkers on the proposed research study.
Within these cartographic events lies insight into the psychology of the namer and the means by which the fieldworker accesses this psychology.
Many items in collections were not removed from customary use, but were made on commission for fieldworkers --they were models of things too large to be collected, or copies of sacred works or heirlooms that people were unwilling to sell.
The Google interface was user friendly and allowed the creation of a questionnaire that could be accessed via the cell phones of the fieldworkers.
But around lunch time of August 10, fieldworkers noted that radio signals at their observation post were in mortality mode.
expected to find turned out to be nothing more than fieldworkers from
3 million needed we will recruit about 1,000 fieldworkers.
Our fieldworkers have been exposed to thick forests, snakes, long walking distances, high risk areas, harassment, cars getting stuck in mud and water, as well as often travelling long distances in rough terrains," he added.
Dr Riaz Ahmad, another physician, said health risk for fieldworkers, labourers, schoolchildren and elderly people have increased hugely.
Participants were purposively recruited by fieldworkers who went from door to door in different areas of the two communities.
5) Yet, an extensive body of uncatalogued records of MUN Extension are currently in the custody of the Archives and Special Collections Division of the Queen Elizabeth II Library at Memorial University, the fonds of several fieldworkers are extant, and many of the films and videos created by Extension's media unit are available for viewing.
He writes: "Hardy fieldworkers have trodden everywhere, in all weathers, from the sheer cliffs of Snowdonia to the boggy moorlands of the Berwyn mountains, and from the isolated tip of Llyn to the industrial banks of the Dee Estuary.
Parents and fieldworkers compiled food diaries at school and at home, ticking off all the foods and drinks a child had in one 24-hour period.
We were already doing pretty good - residential writing courses at Ty Newydd are amongst the most popular in the UK; Wales Book of the Year goes from strength to strength each year; fieldworkers in the North and in the South Wales Valleys consistently come up with brilliant new initiatives to get more people r1eading and writing.