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a researcher who works in the field

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In Port Vila, the general public that has access to the exhibition hall is different to the newly 'elite' public that has access to the Tabu Room or the fieldworker workshops (see below)--people who are owners of kastom, or who have the entitlements to witness and participate in talk about kastom.
FieldWorker Products develops Java-based mobile data solutions including toolkits for integrators, software developers and corporations across many vertical markets.
Four trained Xhosa-speaking fieldworkers, two of whom were nursing sisters, were trained to administer the questionnaire by staff at the Department of Dermatology.
We are pleased to be working with Psion Teklogix to facilitate the rapid development of new vertical applications for the netpad," said Adrian Browne, VP of Product Development at FieldWorker.
These boundaries were confirmed by driving through the demarcated areas on the map with the fieldworkers and then creating 3 subsections for conducting the survey in a systematic way.
As Darrell Tryon outlines in his account of ni-Vanuatu research in this collection, the fieldworker program has been the core project of the Cultural Centre since the late 1970s, when it began as an Oral Tradition Training Program.
The researchers were sensitised to watch and listen carefully during the training of fieldworkers in order to ensure that they are able to observe factors relating to the screening context and interactional processes.
If the woman insisted that she had never heard the concept and did not know what it meant, the fieldworker moved on to the next question.
It's quite a jungle," admitted Keeley Metcalfe, the MV project fieldworker based at Northallerton College.
Steve Harris, rural arts fieldworker for North Warwickshire Borough Council's leisure services, said: "The publication of this book has been made possible by North Warwickshire Borough Council's own community arts project, Face to Face.
Many critics disputed the objectivity and reliability of his field observations, foreshadowing current anthropological concerns about the ability of any fieldworker to rise above personal preconceptions and impartially describe another culture.
To sum up, Ingham is a first-rate fieldworker and an excellent linguist.
Fieldworker Mobile Technologies, Portwise, Diversinet, Identita Tech, Spyrus, Authenex, F-Secure and Adesso Systems.
New fieldworker tags in Fleetmatics WORK give dispatchers clear visibility to sort schedules and make assignments based on best fit.
Each fieldworker will then move to a sed urban site not directly affected by the civilisational centre to uncover what is much less evident: the extent to which the civilisational eomic ethic determines behaviour today.